We offer watch repair services, just let us know if you need it fixed!

Introducing 300watches' New Watch-Repair Services!

300watches is not a repair center. We've said that on many occasions. But let's face it: You can't be in the top tier of luxury-watch sellers without knowing the industry's "go-to" people, and we've made some of the best contacts in the business.

Ilya Kushnirskiy, our president and owner, wouldn't trust just anyone with his own watch, and he wouldn't do that with yours either. Through our tireless process of searching for the best watches on the market, cleaning them up, and having them repaired and put into perfect working order, we've found the best of the best. We've found the key players in the horology world, and we've got them on hand, ready to repair your watch, if needed.

All watches purchased through 300watches come with a standard warranty, but what about watches that are no longer covered? Sure, we give you the option to buy an extended warranty, and we've even created a protection plan, which protects your watch a little more. But what if your warranty or protection plan has expired? Or, what if you didn't buy them at all? What if you didn't even buy your watch from 300watches?

Sometimes, watch owners find themselves in a sticky predicament: Their watch, which they truly love and adore, has stopped running, or needs a simple repair, but they're not ready to trust the average-Joe repairman with their watch. They do, however, trust us. So we've received countless requests to assist with watch repairs.

After discussing this as a team, we at 300watches decided that it made sense to assist our club members and friends with overseeing the repairs of their watches. This means, if you'd like to send your watch to us, we'll accept it, check it out, give you an estimate, repair it, and then get it back to you as quickly and safely as possible. You pay the shipping fees, the repair fees, and a small handling fee, and we'll whip your watch back into tip-top shape.

How will this work?

Easy. For a standard, $40 (non-refundable) handling fee, plus the cost of shipping your watch to and from our location ($40 round trip for domestic customers, and $140 round trip for international customers), we'll inspect your watch, give you a free appraisal, and give you an estimate of the repair costs. The $40 handling fee includes the inspection, storage of the watch, the movement to and from service centers, etc.

Once we've put together an estimate, we'll contact you. If you agree to the estimate, great, we'll perform the work and get your watch back to you as soon as possible. If you do not agree to the estimate, we'll send your watch back to you and you will only be responsible for the $40 handling fee, plus the cost of shipping your watch to and from our location.

All told, shipping and handling will cost $80 for domestic customers, and $180 for international customers.

What are the average repair costs?

Prices for refinishing services can vary depending on the type of metal used in the watch case.

  • Refinishing stainless steel should cost $150-$225
  • 18k gold and platinum should cost $275-$350
  • Other materials (titanium, etc.) will be priced on a case-by-case basis

300watches will provide battery changes on quartz watches for $25, plus the cost of shipping to and from our location. For any quartz watch undergoing any other repair, battery replacement will be included as part of the repair.

All other repairs will be priced on a case-by-case basis. On any repair service performed by 300watches and its service centers (meaning we've quoted you the estimate, you've accepted the estimate, and we've agreed that the repair will be done) we will also perform a general inspection on movement accuracy, and a waterproof test.

Be advised: For any part that needs to be ordered for the completion of a repair, 300watches will not be able to get the part from an authorized dealer. These parts will instead be acquired from a third party, since watchmakers typically get their parts this way. The cost of all necessary parts will be factored into the total estimate, which will be given to you prior to any work being done.

300watches guarantees all repairs for 60 days.

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