Watch Specifications

  • Buckle/Clasp Types


    Deployment is an invisible two-part fastening clasp that is made of metal mechanism. This mechanism serves to bind a watch wristlet. Deployment was invented, by the way, by Lois Cartier, in 1910. Deployment clasps of a fine watch works as follows: fold up and away for being fit. The clasp is totally invisible when the mechanism is closed. For looking unnoticeable a deployment buckle has two little parts, which are looking like the wings that fold up together from different sides of the clasp. Some of the best luxury watches have double push-button deployment clasp buckle. Also, some models of the high-end watches have their deployment clasp in gold or silver, encrusted crystal and diamond blush. There are plenty of variations for luxury watches for men and women how to decorate this important invisible detail. Design and function of the deployment may vary. There are different types of the deployment: butterfly clasps, security clasps, flip clasps and many more. It is just a moment of the preference. Some watchmakers, as Michael Kors luxury watches, for example, prefer red-golden butterfly deployment clasp. More than that by the luxury watch brands there is an option to create the deployment clasp individually to the size and desire of the client. Deployment clasps are an elegant watch buckle option that attracts many prestigious watchmakers. It is easy, comfortable and stylish.

  • Detachable

    In some models of the luxury watches for men and women there are detachable details. It can be a deployment clasp, straps, and bracelets or even dial. Detachable details of fine watches give an opportunity to change the style of the whole outfit of timepiece. You can change these details and replace them accordingly to your mood or desire. Many bracelets of a stainless steel have removable elements. It helps to regulate the size of the bracelet. If it is luxury women watch with a detachable strap, it is a perfect model for the lady. Just with one motion the black leather strap goes to a golden colored strap of the stainless steel. The detachable dial of a luxury watch brands can be used for those people who love to be different all the time. Today you can go to a meeting with a beautiful bright watch, but tomorrow you remove the dial from the strap and it seems to be just a cool bracelet on your hand. There are different models of the best luxury watches, where the dial and the strap be variegated – so you can mix different colors of dial and the straps and be bright and individual. Also, detachable details such as dial, straps, bracelets or other small elements serve you as an irreplaceable guide of style and diversity.

  • Tang


    The clasp of the bracelet on the watch is available in a wide range of designs and styles. It may be bangle, box with tongue clasp, box with tongue and safety clasp, buckle and many more. The clasp with the element called tongue is a basic locking mechanism, it may wear out easily thus making the watch difficult to keep on. This type of the clasp of a fine watch has the most elegant look. It doesn’t work with just stock thong. Often, a traditional strap is needed to guard the tang-slot and keeper loop features of the thong against showing. The element slides into a metallic box structure. This clasp is often met on 14k gold watches like the Bulova 14k gold. The tongue clasp holds both sides of the bracelet together – this type of clasp is very handy and is successfully used by many brands of the best luxury watches. The tongue clasp can complete any bracelet or strap. The clasp of the luxury watches for men and women can be made from different precious metals. It can be extra decoration to a fine watch. The size and shape of the clasp depend on the sizes and special designs of the watch strap. Raymond Lee Jewelers, Michael Kors and other popular brands of high-end watches produce their timepieces with the tongue clasps.

  • Tension


    Watch bracelets go in many different styles and shapes. The tension bracelet or band is projected to enlarge or expand over the wearer’s wrist and then adjoin cosily on the wrist when removed. Many people are choosing the watches not only for time identifying but a style and beauty. So from the choice of a bracelet on the luxury watches for men and women depends on the style and elegance of the outfit of the wearer. That’s why the watchmakers of the fine watches spend much time and attention on the design of the bracelets. A big importance has the material of the tension. There are different models of the tension bracelet. The best luxury watches for men and women use the tension bracelet for their models. This type of the tension band is easy to take on and to remove. Women can choose elegant watch with tension golden stylish bracelet. The tension doesn’t need a clasp. Its ability to expand is provided by the elastic plates which connect a polarity of thin links. But the one negative feature of this kind of bracelets of the high-end watches is their impermanence that depends on its metal. There are the popular brands of fine watches that prefer to make timepieces with the tension bracelets. These are Mark Jacobs, Diesel, famous American watchmakers Timex, etc. Also, if you want to have handy timepiece you may choose the best luxury watch with a tension bracelet which would be easy to wear and look elegance on the hand.

  • Dial Styles
    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber is an extremely strong material but either very light one. The most carbon fibers that exist are made 90% from polyacrylonitrile. Carbon fiber is an organic polymer that is made as a strand that is thinner that human hair. Carbon fiber is the most traditional building material. It controls the sphere for compressive strength and tensile strength. It means that the material can resist size reducing or deforming under load. Luxury brands of fine watches are using carbon fiber more and more. It seems to be the best and the most preferred material. All the respectable watchmakers of the world use carbon fiber for dial of their luxury watches for men and women watch cases and other details of the luxury watches. With its high quality and a set of good features carbon fiber is an embodiment of the modernism. This material is the chance for the watchmakers to take the challenge of new high technologies and open the new perspective of the development. Carbon is very strong and light material that's why it is preferred to use into production of the best luxury watches nowadays. It is extensively used in aviation, aeronautic, space, medicine and other technologies. Furthermore, carbon fiber became now synonymous with high-end, luxury and expensive. But, a big quantity of the carbon products do not perform the structural function, they are used only for good outfit and aesthetics. As it may be seen in high-end luxury watches.

  • Wave


    The dial is by far one of the most attractive pieces of a watch. It's a detail that can either amaze or push away. The most famous and respected luxury watch brands have created unique dials that achieved cult status and are easily recognizable because of their exclusive delicate details and cutting-edge look. Dials can vary greatly in materials, shapes, and decoration. One of the decoration techniques is called a wave. It represents a textured dial surface that looks like waves. This technique is very popular, and there are many high end watches for men and women featuring wave dials. The real masterpiece of haute horology is Jeanrichard Aquascope luxury watch. The characteristic feature of this model is a stunning dial that has a pattern of Hokusai-style waves. The traditional Japanese art theme makes this timepiece truly exceptional. Rolex luxury watches always tune with the latest trends so there is hardly any feature that cannot be found in Rolex products, and wave dials are no exception. Rolex 116244 from the Oyster collection of fine watches boasts a bronze toned display with Rolex logos written repeatedly in wavy lines. The same unorthodox style is applied in Rolex Datejust model for men. The popular Omega Seamaster line also has wave dials. Amazing Omega Seamaster Chronograph 007 luxury watch features a bright blue display with wavy textured surface.

  • Textured


    In order to keep up with all the latest achievements and requirements, modern watchmakers and designers try to manufacture artistic and beautifully finished dials. As a luxury watch is no longer just a way to measure time, it also has to be finely decorated. Modern watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs evaluate not only technical characteristics of fine watches, but their design and delicate and sophisticated features, such as textured dials. This extremely elegant and artfully crafted detail belongs to the high spheres of horology. The textured display of high end watches usually has a rough or patterned surface, which can be seen only from the close look. The textured surface can be made of precious materials, such as gold, silver, platinum or stainless steel. More affordable luxury watch brands offer timepieces with textured dials made of plastic or different metals. World-famous watchmaking companies use this technique in their fine watches for men and women. Rolex luxury timepieces often feature a variety of different textures and designs. Top brands like Baume&Mercier or Longines offer a great choice of expensive designer watches with a deep texturing on the dial. Textured dials are getting very popular in affordable brands like Orient or Wenger, for example. Textures can be of different shapes and patterns. There are dials with patterns all over the display, but some models can feature textures only on the outer rim, in the middle or around numerals.

  • Tapestry


    Modern watchmaking companies compete with each other in manufacturing technically advanced luxury watches with exquisite design and strong identity. An up-to-date timepiece should not only meet the requirements of the most demanding customers, but also be meticulously crafted and have a cutting-edge look. To make each luxury watch unique, craftsmen use different techniques and details, one of them is tapestry dials. A display with tapestry pattern has inverted or upright lines on the surface. Sometimes this barely visible detail adds vintage look, sometimes it makes the watch more contemporary. Everything depends on the brand and model. The famous Rolex fine watches often feature tapestry dials. Rolex Datejust 16233, for example, boasts amazing champagne tapestry dial that adds luxury and style to this stunning gold timepiece. The Rolex Datejust wristwatch is a classic example of tapestry display. Swiss brand Patek Philippe also manufactures stunning luxury watches with tapestry dials. For example, Patek Philippe Nautilus ladies watch sports black dial with delicate striped design. Omega timepieces with tapestry dials have already achieved cult status. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra model for men boasts charcoal gray dial with upright stripes. More budget Rado Florence high end watches also offer this exquisite detail. Rado Florence R41766163 model, for example, features eye-catching black dial with fascinating tapestry pattern. The Swiss company Clerk offers a great variety of amazing watches with white tapestry dials.

  • Skeleton


    Skeleton watches are watches with an open dial, where we can see the mechanical watch movements. They do not need batteries or any other energy source. Just with a few seconds of bending people have great synchronized motion before their eyes. Skeleton watches do not need any special support or planned servicing. Skeleton watches have been in the world of the best luxury watches for years. Today it seems to be modern design, but many years ago fine watch lovers preferred skeleton watches because of their style, amusement and fashion. Many watch collectors set before the skeleton luxury watches. The inner tackles are interesting to look at them, but they are not only for fun. These inner opened movements became a start of the conversation with people. It can be a great reason for new acquaintances. Skeleton watches do not need the batteries. Their mechanism works great; its natural motion is the Kinetic energy. Even super high-end automatic self-wind watches many times need the same price adjustment over time. Many of the high-end mechanical watches are hand-made. Their decoration can be different from the very simple skeleton watch just with an open worked dial to the best luxury skeleton watches encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones. In fact, skeleton fine watches have the timeless design that makes the timepieces interesting and attractive for the watch collectors of all the times.

  • Plain


    The design of the fine watches can be different. The majority of models of the best luxury watches are fashionable, interesting and stylish. The design is an aesthetic aspect of the watches. From the design of the luxury watches for men and women depends on the outfit and representation of their owners. If the design is too much fabulous it is not a good sign, we should find a compromise between bright dazzling design and simple plain design. There are some luxury watch brands who love to produce watches designed with skulls, hearts and anchors. This kind of watch can pass to a child or infantile woman. The more plain is the look of an expensive luxury watch the better impression does it cause. If you want to distinguish by other owners of fine watches, you may choose watches encrusted by diamonds or many other types of jewelry. High-end luxury watches featuring diamond accents lend a timeless, sophisticated appearance to your outfit. By the way, the majority of the expensive best Swiss watches have simple and perfect design. They serve to be punctual and charming. Such vintage watches like Rolex, Abercrombie & Fitch, Eberhard have very simple plain design, but their movements and mechanisms are perfect, great and awesome. So, the plain design of the best luxury watches don't mean the simplicity of its inner components or down value.

  • Mother of Pearl

    Mother of Pearl

    Nowadays many brands of luxury watch for men and women use mother of pearl for dial. This material is nor very plain. It is very thin and brittle – so a watch can be easily broken. Process of the production mother of pearl material is very complicated that’s why fine watches with mother of pearl dials are so expensive and are so much appreciated. Dial of mother of pearl can be decorated with all kinds of examples and can be colored by painting. Initially, a mother of pearl has an ivory brilliance. Nevertheless it is possible to find it naturally in pale blue, pink, gray and brown. Very important in a mother of pearl producing is polishing. Only after this procedure mother of pearl became that nacreous, that we used to see in the best luxury watches of different famous brands. After polishing can be added different decorations, like gemstones, diamonds, ribbons of gold and many more. You can pick whatever you want to see on your hands. The mother of pearl watches is filled with feminine charm inside and out. Inside you can see the great mechanism with automatic or chronograph movement, and on the outside you enjoy the sparkling diamonds and shining color of mother of pearl variety. Mother of pearl dial of the best luxury watches serves to show a purely divine look of the fine watches.

  • Guilloche


    Guilloche is a bound ornament which is often used in the decoration of the dial of the best luxury watches. This decorative print lays very exact involved on the material specifically on a watch dial. It is common practice to do the ornament manually; that’s why it is so appreciated by the watchmakers. The supposition for the origin of guilloche was the desire of watchmakers to hide the defects on the body of watches. Then by the time the guilloche became a luxury decoration. By the time, ornament became traditional for the special brands of the luxury watches for men and women. For example, the ornament called Guilloche Soleil ou Grene is the print of the famous watchmaker Frank Muller: Grenadier-type Circular is typical for the high-end luxury watches Reverso of the company Jaeger-LeCoultre. Nowadays many luxury brands of high-end watches uses the guilloche in their production, but only by their limited collections. For example, the brand of the best luxury watches Breguet refines its dial with an elegant ornament only in the watches with gold or silver case. There are several ways to face the print out. By the pattern of guilloche, not only the dials are decorated, but also the details of the watches. For the patterns shimmering on the sun, the back cover is often made of sapphire crystal. Every ornament reflects an elegance of the whole style of a fine watch. The guilloche gives the rigorous individuality to the luxury watches for men and women.

  • Design


    The bracelet as an accessory of the watches found its use a bit later that the watches arrived. It was much handy and easily to have a watch on hand rather that take them into the pocket. The design of the fine watches depends not only on dial design but the design of the bracelet. The material, color, width and patterns are very important for the whole attractiveness of the best luxury watches. The bracelet can be produced from the leather, plastic, stainless steel, ceramics, titan or precious materials. In the process of the choice from the brands of luxury watches for men and women, one important thing is the choice of the material of the body of a high-end watch. The material of the watch’s body influences on the price of a timepiece. The most popular material is stainless steel - the alloy with an addition of Chrome and Nikel. Steel is durable, long-lived, hypoallergenic and is not very expensive for manufacture. Also, many luxury brands of watches for men and women prefer the stainless steel for their items. No less important then the bracelet or the body of the watches is the outfit of dial of a fine watch. The color and material of a dial are important too but only be the way the figures are illustrated. There is only one way to represent the figures of a watch – this way calls analogue. Lately, it is popular to represent the figures in a combined way, where on one dial we can see both a pointer and a digital display. Thus, you can choose the model of the best luxury watches just for your taste and desire.

  • Item Conditions

    Pre-owned and Not Working

    The talented contemporary watchmakers create amazing and precise luxury watches that are designed to withstand the passage of time. Buying high end watch by the famous and respected brand means a good investment in present and future. There is a great choice of pre-owned fine watches that enable the customers to save on cost and get genuinely durable timepieces that would satisfy even the most discerning watch connoisseurs. Some used watches look like they have just been put into the box in the workshop. Buyers are attracted by the rarity and exclusivity of pre-owned watches. The thing is, that there are many luxury watches discontinued long time ago, and it's impossible to buy them today in brand new condition. Watch enthusiasts prefer to purchase these rare items with history and a very strong identity. Moreover, pre-owned market enables the customers to find extremely rare vintage watches from limited collections. Isn't it amazing to wear a Swiss watch that no one can purchase any more? Of course, finding an exclusive top choice timepiece requires a lot of time and energy, but it's definitely worth it. Do not forget to check out the condition of the luxury watch before buying it, as there are models in pre-owned condition that do not work or have a very poor look with scratches and stains.

  • Pre-owned Satisfactory Condition

    Those interested in purchasing a luxury watch should consider buying pre-owned timepiece. There are many reasons why this type of fine watches is the best. The most important thing is that pre-owned high end watches cost less than brand new devices. Sometimes collectors sell their precious and rare items at high prices, but it has to do with only very rare or vintage models that are unavailable through authorized dealers any more. Another reason why pre-owned luxury watches are so attractive products is the huge choice of every possible model. It's sometimes possible to find sophisticated timepieces in satisfactory condition that have been discontinued a long time ago. Affordable prices make it possible to purchase amazing horological devices without being ruined. The great popularity and price of pre-owned fine watches an also lead to some problems. Customers should be aware of fake watches that look absolutely authentic, but are actually no more than just imitations. If you are looking for a pre-owned watch in satisfactory condition, you should know that these luxury watches have been clearly used and usually have scratches. Although it may sound unattractive, satisfactory condition still means that the timepiece works well and the inner workings are immaculate. These devices can serve for many years. Besides, scratches do not usually influence the overall look of used watches.

  • Pre-owned Good Condition:

    Luxury watches are those precious items that can boast an extended life cycle. Very often desirable and rare fine watches in good condition have several lives after being purchased for the first time. These long-livers usually belong to the most respected and famous luxury watch brands like Rolex or Tag Heuer, for example, which hold their value well. Reliability and technical excellence of Swiss timepieces enable them to stay attractive for a very long time. Brand new high end watches usually cost at least $1,000, so buying them in pre-owned good condition is a great deal in all respects. The reason why there are so many pre-owned luxury watches is that collectors often get bored with their old timepieces. To buy something brand new they need to get rid of the items from the old lines. For some people it's also a quite profitable business. Pre-owned fine watches in good condition have been gently used and have only light scratches or any other signs of use, which makes them an extremely desirable accessory. Consumers willing to wait and ready to search can get fascinating luxury watches that have been made to withstand the passage of time. One more thing that should be mentioned is that there a great variety of pre-owned watches in good condition suitable for every occasion and tastes.

  • Pre-owned Great (or Very Good) Condition

    It's no doubt that the pre-owned watch industry is one of the biggest watch categories in the world. There are hundreds of sites that offer luxury watches in great condition at reasonable prices. Those who have always dreamed about having a fascinating expensive timepiece can get good deals on watches in great condition that are in tolerable price range. Prices are usually below the normal retail price, but sometimes collectors sell very rare or vintage watches above normal retail. Moreover, any existing luxury watch brand is available in the pre-owned condition. Although pre-owned fine watches are very attractive product, the customers should be aware of the absence of guidelines and transparency on this market. In order not to be fooled by swindlers, customers should remember some basic facts about pre-owned watches in great condition. Watches that are sold as pre-owned in very good condition should work precisely in every regard. There should not be any signs of corrosion, as well as stickers, markings or other damage. These high end watches must be created by the original manufacturer, in other words, be authentic. Respected dealers usually open fine watches before selling to make sure the movements and details are working properly and are genuine. Pre-owned luxury watches in great condition have been used sparingly, so there can be only barely visible signs of use.

  • New (With Out Tags)

    There are probably two ways to buy a luxury watch. Some watch enthusiasts prefer authorized dealers who offer retail prices. Others choose respected sites that sometimes have very good deals and sales. Some connoisseurs believe that buying fine watches on the Internet is a gamble, but it's not. Buying watch online may require some skills in identifying a high quality timepiece, but that's all. When you're looking for a luxury watch, you need to determine preferred features and declare a price range. These important things done, you can move to the searching. A good choice would be a new watch. It may not come with the box and papers, but it's always in excellent condition. New watches may have been on a store display for a while, but it doesn't influence their characteristics and overall look. Collectors sometimes sell some of their high end watches too. They are new, but may come from old collections that are not available through official dealers any more. No matter what source you use to buy a watch online, it's very important to read the specifications carefully. The product photos should be of high quality and should present an item from every possible angle. Once you make sure that the luxury watch is really new and in excellent condition, you can buy it without any hesitations.

  • Brand New

    There is a wide choice of stunning modern luxury watches that suit every occasion and taste. In order not to get confused by the dazzling dials, cutting-edge technologies and novel looks, customers should know the principles of fine watches distribution. Those who are interested in exclusive, totally new and untouched timepieces should make sure that the luxury watch is brand new. High end watches with this tag have never been used or even tried on. Brand new watch should always come with the box and papers of the manufacturer. Warranty is obligatory. There are also intact serial or case numbers that contain the information about the watch. Brand new watch can be found not only in the official boutiques and outlets. More and more famous luxury watch brands are opening up their e-commerce websites. There are many authorized dealers who also sell fine watches online. Before buying a timepiece through reputable sites, it's necessary to make sure it has full factory warranties. To avoid becoming a victim of the replica watch industry, customers should look carefully at all characteristics of a watch. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake or pre-owned timepieces that are sold at the prices of the brand new ones. Those who are planning to spend a small fortune on a fascinating luxury watch should be careful and trust only respected sites or boutiques.

  • Modern Movement Types

    Self-winding Movement

    Self-winding mechanics were first designed in the late sixties and early seventies by the manufacturers from Europe and Japan. Since then this type of movement has become very popular all over the world. Self-winding automatics are simply mechanical watches that do not need to be wound manually every day. The special part that makes it possible is called a rotor and it moves with the body motion, thus winding the timepiece automatically with the help of kinetic energy. By wearing the luxury watch with self-winding movement for about 12 hours a day, the owner provides the mechanism with enough motion to keep the mainspring fully wound. If the timepiece has not been worn for a certain period of time, the owner should simply wind it with the help of the crown. The modern, technically advanced fine watches with self-winding movements can work for a week or even more without being worn or wound. Some luxury watch brands produce fascinating timepieces with skeletonized case backs that allow the owner to see the spinning rotor. Orient CFT00004B, for example, features a transparent dial which shows the automatic mechanical movement. Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Tourbillon luxury watch is equipped with an exhibition window that shows off the delicate hand-winding movement made by the talented Swiss craftsmen. Other brands manufacturing self-winding high end watches are Patek Philippe, Breguet, Baume Mercier, etc.

  • Quartz Movement

    Quartz movement, one of the most popular types of movements nowadays, is powered by a battery. It has its name due to a quartz crystal inside. The battery passes an electric current through it to keep the crystal oscillating. This vibrating part drives a motor that moves the watch hands at a constant rate to ensure the accurate working. The luxury watch with quartz movement is very easy to recognize: its second hand has the tell-tale tick, while the second hand of any mechanical timepiece moves smoothly. Since fine watches with quartz movements are equipped with batteries, the power reserve lasts for a year, approximately, so the batteries should be changed from time to time. High end luxury watches featuring quartz movement are so popular because of their efficiency. These timepieces lose only a few seconds per month and roughly one minute per year. One of the main advantages of quartz fine watches is their affordability in comparison with automatic devices. Moreover, the owner does not have to worry about daily winding. Luxury watches with quartz movements require less maintenance and fewer time adjustments than their mechanical counterparts. They also can have either an analog dial or a digital display. The main luxury watch brands manufacture timepieces with quartz movement. Among them are Patek Philippe, Chopard, Cartier, Omega, Rolex and many others.

  • Mechanical Movement

    The interior mechanism of a watch is called the movement. There are quartz, automatic, and mechanical movements. The characteristic feature of the mechanical movement is the mainspring that needs to be wound in order to store energy. By unwinding slowly, this small piece release energy and makes the timepiece work. Mechanical movements can be of two types: those, which must be wound manually, and those requiring natural body motions to wound themselves automatically. Every luxury watch with mechanical movement has a definite power reserve (from 24 hours to 8 days). Everything depends on the model and the brand. Those buying a luxury watch with this type of movement should remember that it is necessary to set the time regularly, as mechanical movement is prone to certain inaccuracy. Many famous manufacturers of fine watches appreciate the old European tradition of watchmaking, creating fascinating high end watches with mechanical movements that can last for generations. They are usually quite expensive because the delicate pieces of a mechanical movement take many months to produce. These fine watches are considered to be more exclusive than their mass-produced quartz counterparts. Among the luxury watch brands that manufacture timepieces with mechanical movements are Patek Philippe, Baume & Mercier, Maurice Lacroix, Audemars Piguet and many others. Watch connoisseurs all over the world prefer mechanical movement due to its long-standing reliability and timeless technique.

  • Manual Movement

    A simple but ingenious mechanism of the manual movement consists of a coiled spring that stores energy after being wound. Although it's the oldest watchmaking technique, it's still very popular due to its versatility and beauty. To make the watch work, the owner should turn the crown to wind the mainspring. After that the piece will unwind very slowly to release energy through a system of gears and springs. Winding intervals depend on the model. Manufacturers always mention the power reserve capacity of the movement in description of their luxury watches. It can be from 24 hours to a couple of days. Some models of high end watches require winding every day, but there are fine watches like the Panerai Luminor 1950 GMT that needs to be wound every eight days. It may seem too annoying to wind the timepiece so often, but many watch owners have the habit to do it, and it becomes a part of a daily routine and a cherished ritual. The most respected luxury watch brands manufacture amazing timepieces with hand-wound movements. Rolex, for example, produces a Cellini line of fine watches for ladies with manual movement. Audemars Piguet manufactures many different models of luxury watches for men and women that feature hand-wound movements. Some brands create fascinating timepieces with skeletonized case backs and dials that allow seeing the inner workings of a movement. You can find such models in Breguet, Hublot and Maurice Lacroix collections.

  • Autoquartz

    This intricate mechanism is a delicate combination of an automatic mechanical and quartz movement. The most interesting part is that autoquartz luxury watch has no springs to wear out and no battery to replace, but still functions with the absolute accuracy of a quartz movement. The autoquartz movement consists of the parts used in quartz and mechanical fine watches. There is Integrated Circuit, the Rotor, Dial Train, Stepping Motor, and the additional part called Capacitor. This small mechanism stores electrical energy and can hold enough power to keep the watch working for about 100 days. Another advantage of autoquartz high end watches is that they are harmless, presenting no environmental impact of batteries. Several famous luxury watch brands employ autoquartz movement in their timepieces. Japanese manufacturer Seiko was the first to present the technique in 1986. It was called the Automatic Generating System (AGM). After 5 years the company launched Kinetic brand that nowadays produces a wide range of high end luxury watches with autoquartz movement. Most of the Kinetic fine watches are medium-priced, but there are also expensive autoquartz timepieces with different complications. The Swiss brand ETA SA created several automatic quartz movements and certified them under the name Autoquartz. Today such companies as Tissot, Longines, Omega, Wenger, Hermès, Franck Muller and many more use this accurate technology in their luxury watches.

  • Automatic Movement

    Choosing a luxury watch with the right movement is an important part of the purchasing decision. The movement is by far the most important part of every watch. This is the heart, the engine that brings a timepiece to life. An automatic movement (it is also called self-winding) winds itself by the motion of the wrist. An intricate series of delicate components work together to power the watch. The precise engineering of the small weight (rotor) transfers energy and winds the mainspring. Luxury watches with this type of movement do not requite daily hand winding, but if the watch has not been worn for a while, it needs to be wound occasionally. Fine watches with self-winding movement are quite popular because the owner doesn't have to bother about everyday manual winding. An automatic movement consists of the same parts as a regular one: Crown, Escapement, Mainspring, Balance Wheel, Gear Train, and a Dial Train. The Rotor is a part designed to wind the timepiece while being worn. Many famous luxury watch brands, such as Tag Heuer, Piaget, Tourneau, and Patek Philippe manufacture fascinating automatic timepieces for men and women. More affordable fine watches brands like Swatch, Tissot, and Wenger also produce models with self-winding movement, so it's not difficult to find a luxury watch within the price range that suits all tastes and occasions.

  • Super Quartz Movement

    Super quartz movement was introduced by the Breitling manufacturer of fine watches, and represents a thermo-compensated mechanism which increases the accuracy of the timepiece in comparison with the standard quartz movements. Super quartz technology was first applied in 2002 in Breitling luxury watches and since then timepieces with this groundbreaking movements are very popular among watch connoisseurs. The company produces amazing high end watches for men and women that feature super quartz movements. Breitling Starliner K71356, for example, can boast not only the advanced precision movement, but sophisticated finishing and elegant lines of the case. Other ladies fine watches with super quartz movements are Breitling Galactic, Breitling Colt Oceane, and Breitling Cockpit. All models feature the precious materials and stylish look. Breitling creates amazing lines of men's watches. Besides being true masterpieces of haute horlogerie with unique features, Breitling luxury watches for men is also equipped with the certified super quartz movements. These top choice timepieces always sport cutting-edge technologies and stunning dials. A Breitling Emergency II watch is one of the best representatives of super quartz timepieces of the brand. Its movement is considered to be extremely accurate, losing only a few seconds per year, which is the total record in the world of watchmaking. Moreover, this item of high end luxury watches is incredibly durable, lightweight, and stylish timepiece that impress eve the most discernable watch snobs.


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