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300 Watches Protection Plan

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discount Luxury Watches-Protection-Plan 300Watches stands 100% behind all watches sold, and strives to provide better products, better prices, better information, and all-around better service than its competitors. Every single piece sold through 300Watches goes through a strenuous, very detailed authentication process, using our watch service center experts.

No watch displayed on the company website or in an eBay listing will be shipped to a customer without going through this rigorous process. Plus, as each watch is placed into its shipping package, the process is videotaped to ensure proper care was taken during the preparation-for-shipping process.

What is the 300watches protection plan?

300Watches offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee along with a warranty and extended warranty on most of the watches sold on 300Watches.com and eBay. Plus, after going through the inspection process and the grueling shipping procedures, you can rest assured you're being offered top-quality, 100% authentic watches. 

However, for some people, they'd like the added peace of mind of knowing that their watch is protected by more than what the warranty offers. If you read through the warranty information, you will see that the standard warranty and the extended warranty cover most manufacturer defects or other extremely rare occasions where the watch may have been damaged during the shipping process.

The warranties do not cover damage done to the watch by dropping it or other situations that are outside of 300Watches' hands.

So what happens if you're walking through a doorway and you accidentally bump your watch dial on the doorframe, cracking the crystal in the process? That's one of those strange occurrences that is very unfortunate, but would not be covered by the warranty.

What if you accidentally forget to close the crown on your watch, and then you wash your hands with the watch strapped to your wrist? Moments later you notice that the dial has fogged up a bit. That's another of those situations that wouldn't be covered by the warranty.

These types of situations happen, and they're very unfortunate, but very real occurrences. The bad news is the warranty on the watch won't cover these mishaps. The good news is that 300Watches offers a protection plan on most watches that will.

Be advised: In the occasion that a replacement part is needed during the maintenance of a watch that falls within the protection plan, 300Watches may need to resort to parts made by a 3rd party company, as some manufacturers do not provide replacement parts to independent watch resellers or service centers. If this is ever the case, the replacement part will function the same as the original.

what does the 300watches protection plan cover?

The 300Watches Protection Plan covers everything that the 300Watches Warranty/Extended Warranty covers, but will also include the following: 

  • Damage to the movement by accidental negligence (this will be decided on a case by case basis, as no damage deemed to be purposely done will be covered).
  • Damage to the crystal.
  • During the lifetime of the protection plan, 300Watches will provide 1 complete surface cleaning where all scratches will be removed and blemishes will be buffed out. Also, a waterproof test will be done and a time accuracy test will be performed. All adjustments needed to ensure the accuracy of the watch, will be made.
  • Shipping of the timepiece to and from 300Watches.
  • Accidental water damage (if the dial is damaged, we will need to send it out to a specialist, which could take a significant amount of time, and will result in slight differences between the new dial and the old. For example, if you have brown spots on the dial, the specialist will fix the seal, clean out the water, completely repair the dial. It will be perfect, but if you were to examine it very closely, you may see slight differences, as it's impossible to recreate a factory job). 

WHAT DOES THE 300Watches protection plan NOT COVER?

  • Damage deemed to be done on purpose.
  • Cracks in the strap caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Severe mistreatment of a watch (this would be completely destroying the watch, as in running over it with a car, dropping it from the top floor of a skyscraper).
  • The same damage done twice (example, if we fixed the crystal once already, or we repaired the watch already due to accidental water damage, etc.), as we've found that this can be a reoccurring problem with customers who abuse their watches. 

How much does the 300watches protection plan cost?

300Watches offers the protection plan on a case by case basis. For some watches, due to difficulty of repairs or to unavailability of parts, the 300Watches Protection Plan may cost more than for others, or may not be offered at all.

WHY MIGHT some timepieces not carry the option of being covered by the 300watches protection plan?

In the case of some watches, specifically those that would need to be sent to the manufacturer for even the simplest of repairs (ex. Tourbillion watches, perpetual calendar watches, etc.), 300Watches cannot offer the protection plan, because some watches that are very complicated can only be handled by a manufacturer, and can take extensive periods of time (could be 6 months or over a year) for completion of repairs.

We like to keep everything "in-house" at 300Watches, meaning we handle everything either ourselves or through our partners. We don't like to deal with manufacturers or 3rd party businesses, where the watch has to leave our hands, for your peace of mind, and ours. 300Watches offers the protection plan on a case by case basis, with each individual watch taken into consideration, before a decision is made.


For watches covered by the 300Watches Protection Plan, all shipping costs will be covered by 300Watches. Contact us at info@300watches.com or call 1 (877) 842-5760 to request shipping labels to be sent to you. 

Once 300Watches receives your watch, if it is deemed that the watch damage or situation regarding the watch is not covered by the 300Watches Protection Plan, the customer will be charged shipping fees.

For other specific information about getting your watch to us, whether inside or outside the warranty or protection plan coverage, or for additional information about repairs that fall outside of coverage, please contact us at info@300watches.com or call 1 (877) 842-5760. 

*All warranties and protection plans are offered by 300watches, not the watch manufacturer or authorized dealer. We are not authorized dealers of any brand that we sell on 300Watches or eBay, and we are not related in any way to the manufacturer.