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Our Mission

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It takes time, choosing the piece that you will wear on your wrist every day, and with a quick glance, will provide you with an array of information about your most precious resource: the moments ticking away.

It’s an important decision, as what we wear is a window into who we are. And you will pay more than just attention; one could easily spend one’s life savings on the finest of Swiss timepieces.

So where do you start? More importantly, where will you find the widest range of options, and all the help you might need in making your choice, at the lowest cost possible?

300watches is a family business, located on 5th Avenue, in the heart of New York City’s diamond district. We will treat you as kin while we use our extensive knowledge and network to find the piece that speaks to you.

Most of our customers know our reputation before they look us up online, or step into our New York City office: For a decade, we’ve offered the finest handpicked pieces, from the simply elegant, to the most complex chronographs and tourbillons.

Talk to co-owner Ilya Kushnirskiy, and you’ll immediately read his passion for watches.

He founded AIK Corporation with his business partner and longtime friend Andrei Kotelnikov in 2003. The company took its next evolutionary step in 2010 when it became 300watches.

“We’re in the top 2 percent of all sellers in the world on eBay,” said Kushnirskiy, “and we’re a Titanium Top-Rated Power Seller. Since eBay sees value in us, we hope customers will see that value in us.”

Check our feedback score. Our online customers around the world can vouch, but don’t be afraid to stop by our office, ask a few questions, and try on some watches. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand, model, movement, or even dial style, we can almost guarantee you will find what you seek. Just let us know you’re coming.

While we take pride in the unmatched knowledge and personability of our team, a wealth of information can also be found right here on the new 300watches.com.

Celebrating our first 10 years in the business, we re-launched our site at the start of 2013 as a brand new platform for purchasing our timepieces, one where we can offer prices even lower than those on eBay. So browse through thousands of pictures of our actual pieces, or read about the world of luxury watches in our reimagined online magazine, found at 300magazine.com.


The humble origin of our company dates back to 2000, when Kushnirskiy was 18, earning his bachelor’s degree in foreign language.

Looking to make some extra money, he started re-selling designer clothes on eBay. By simply taking appealing pictures, and posting them online, he was turning a surprising profit. Watches soon followed.

“I think the transition was, I bought my first Movado, I wore it for a little bit, and then I put it on eBay, and I made some good money on it,” he said. “So, I started looking on eBay every day at what kind of stuff I could buy. I would buy it; I would get it; I would take better pictures; write up a real nice description for it; and put it up for sale online. I always made a few bucks.”

He and Kotelnikov soon joined forces, and in 2007, our company was honored with a position among eBay’s top 100 sellers, earning us an invitation to meet with eBay’s president, and some of the world’s other high-ranking merchants.

Through the years, we have continued to expand our vast network of dealers and watchmaking experts through the International Watch and Jewelry Guild, World Wide Traders, the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, and our daily interactions within the industry.

Through these affiliations, we attend more than 20 watch shows a year, even venturing as far as the Miami Beach Antique Jewelry and Watch Show. From the ocean of timepieces on display, we carefully select our merchandise.

“When we look for watches, our top priority as a company is providing a competitive deal for our clients, and that includes selecting merchandise that is uncommon, and that not everyone has,” said Kushnirskiy. “When we get our pieces, we always carefully inspect them at our watch service center. Literally every single watch goes through an inspection process, which means that it gets tested for proper functioning condition, and for authenticity.”

In the end, you get the best price, through what may even be an educational process for you.

“It is a change in the watch-and-jeweler mentality,” Kushnirskiy concluded. “We are breaking the rules. We’re not making money on our customers; we’re making money on the extraordinary service that we are providing to our customers.”

Some theorize that time is infinite. But we only get a finite slice of it. Make the most of yours.


Time is our business.

It's fashion, sure. But what sets a timepiece apart from the bracelets or necklaces out there is the engineering, the complexity, the importance of keeping time in all our lives, and taking our time when we can.

But why the infinity symbol in our company logo? The short answer is: We think there is a timepiece out there for everyone, and we see no limit to our potential for connecting you with the one that tells your story.

But the relationship between infinity and time itself is a bit more mysterious, raising questions that may never be answered. It begins with the fact that, although life is short, many of us wonder if our universe will live on indefinitely. Moreover, there are an infinite number of moments between the hours, minutes, and seconds measured by any timepiece. This is where it gets complicated.

"Time flies." We've all said it. Then again, we've all had times when we've turned to a co-worker and asked, "When is this day going to end?" But what if my day is moving slowly, and at the same time, yours is moving swiftly?

Scientists would say that these differences are explained by our state of mind: Happiness, sadness, and the rest of our emotions affect our perception of time, but the effects are unpredictable. The hands on the clock continue to move, even though the way our minds perceive time is constantly changing, and my perception will always differ from yours.

But if my day is moving slowly, and yours, quickly (and when we sleep, time becomes even more elastic), is time really moving at all? To what degree is time our creation? Albert Einstein famously said, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once."

Whatever the answers may be, we share a world that functions because of our ability to rely on each other — to be at a certain place, at a certain time. There's a beauty in that, one which almost makes these questions seem immaterial.

Watchmakers embrace that beauty, and take a break from answering these questions, while seizing the opportunity to create countless works of wearable art. And since your mood affects the passage of time, here's hoping the watch you buy helps make your day go a little more smoothly.


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