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300watches: Join The Hottest Club In Town

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discount Luxury Watches - Our Club Dear valued customer,

Wait. Let's just throw that word out right now.

Terms like "customer" and "client" imply that you come to us to make a purchase, we offer our goods, and it ends there. We at 300watches hope that will not be the case. Instead, we would like to foster a relationship with those who share our passion for time-telling devices.

"The word 'customer' is thrown around a lot in the world of sales," said Ilya Kushnirskiy, owner of 300watches. "I really don’t like that word because, honestly, and I know this sounds cliché, but our customers are more like friends, and 300watches is more like a club."

And so, with the opening of our new showroom, we've decided to launch the 300watches Club, our spin on the mom-and-pop businesses of the past. We want to connect to each of our friends and invite them into the club. This means that we welcome people to stop by the showroom, have a cup of coffee, check out the watches we have in stock, and talk to us. Tell us what watches mean to you. Share your story, and we'll share ours.

"Think about a yacht club: Likeminded people get together to hang out, have a good time, and discuss what they love — yachts," Ilya said. "It's my hope that our new showroom will be something similar, only with watches. You like watches; you stop by the showroom; we talk about this passion of ours; we nail down what, specifically, you're looking for in a timepiece; and I get it for you. We're a watch club."

Too often, companies lose sight of what started their growth: the "customers," or in our case, our friends. To make sure we always have a real reminder, we'll be putting together a photo-filled keepsake that will remain here at all times, for all members to see. Become a part of 300watches history and take a photo with us.

What's more: Club members who have registered at 300watches.com will get special discounts, timely announcements of exciting 300watches news, and invitations to club parties and events. All you have to do is register on our site, and you'll be included in all our club has to offer.

To register now, CLICK HERE and fill out a short form.

Thanks for letting us be your luxury-timepiece provider — and, more importantly, for being a friend of 300watches.

The 300watches Team