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A timepiece is a very important accessory in a man’s life. Luxury watches for men are used to mark milestones, including school or college years, a first job, a wedding, a birth of a child, an anniversary, or any other outstanding professional or personal achievements. Also, best gold wrist watches for men are associated with retirement and they are the tribute for many years of dedicated service. However, men’s luxury watches mean significantly more than ordinary jewelry. Generally, it is the only bling that guys wear (besides the wedding ring). Cool watches for men make a statement and characterize the personality of their owner. Moreover, best stylish wrist watches for men of famous brands are good investments that increase in value over the years.

Men's timepieces can be ranked according to various criteria, such as type, brand, color, condition, material, and others. Depending on their features, prices start at tens of dollars and can be up to several million dollars. Among the most expensive men’s luxury watches, Henry Graves Supercomplication ($11 million), Caliber 89 Pocket Watch ($6 million), and 1943 Watch Ref. 1527 ($5.5 million) can be named. All three are produced by Patek Philippe. Meanwhile, if you are not ready to give a fortune for these top luxury watches for men in the world, you may take a look at Hublot Bigger Big Bang, Zenith 18.0520.4034, Girard-Perregaux Enzo Ferrari, which are available at our site on sale with a huge discount. 

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