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Don't Like Our Price? Name Yours

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discount luxury watches-Make an offer

Due to the size of our network, and the fact that we are not authorized dealers, we at 300watches are in a unique position to offer some of the lowest prices you’ll find on the web or in an actual store.

But we wanted to take it a step further. Being an old-school, family-run business, we respect the art of negotiation — It's how CEO Ilya Kushnirskiy got his start. He scoured the Internet and local shops for the best deals on the finest timepieces, and offered them up for comparable prices.

We don't want you to be scared away by the price you see when you look at a listing. If our watch is priced at $2,000, but your budget is $1,800, don't just walk away. Take a chance. Make us an offer!

Make an offer on luxury watches

1. Once your search results have loaded, click on the picture of the watch that interests you to load the full listing.

2. Click the "MAKE AN OFFER" button to the right of the watch photo.

3. If you haven't registered with 300watches already, you'll need to create a username and password. This will only take a minute.

4. If you've just registered, click "MAKE AN OFFER" again.

5. In the "NAME YOUR PRICE" field, go ahead and do just that: Type in the amount you're comfortable with. If you would like to include a message with your offer, include that in the "COMMENTS" field.

6. Type in the verification code, exactly as you see it.

7. Click “SEND.” It's that easy.

What happens next? Once the site notifies our team that you have made an offer, we'll send you an email letting you know that we have received it, and we'll look over the figures. Then, one of three things will happen:

1. You'll receive an acceptance email. Congratulations! You've got a deal. The next step is to actually purchase the watch for the price we have agreed upon. Log in, visit the “MY OFFERS” page, and click “MOVE TO CART.” You will then be taken to your cart, at which point you can “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.”

2. You'll receive a counteroffer. Your offer may have been too low for us, but we're still flexible. Head over to the “MY OFFERS” page, and either click “MOVE TO CART” to buy the watch for the price we have offered, or click ”RE-OFFER” to propose yet another price. This process will repeat itself either until we agree upon a price, or until our team decides to send a final offer, which you can either accept, or decline.

3. You'll receive an email letting you know that, unfortunately, we are unable to accept your offer. Sometimes, the listing price is as low as we can go. In this case, you can either buy the watch at the price listed, or continue perusing our amazing catalogue. You're sure to find another watch that's perfect for you!

In the case of an acceptance or counteroffer, your response will be required within a time frame that we will specify in the email. Most of our offers will only be good for a few days, so act fast when you hear back from us!