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Luxury Watch Return Policy

Before returning your watch, we ask that you contact us directly so that we can send you our Return Merchandise Authorization Form. We cannot accept your return otherwise. And, if you are returning a watch, please provide us with proof of insurance and tracking information.

Returns will be accepted within 14 days of the date on which you received the watch in the mail. We will not accept returns from anywhere in the world after those 14 days have passed. On the other hand, if the watch you get does not match the one described in our listing, you will get a full refund that includes the cost of return shipping.

For other acceptable returns, we will refund the cost of the watch itself, but not the associated shipping costs. But the watch must be shipped to us in precisely the same condition in which it left our office. If the item appears damaged, worn, or altered, we will not accept the return, and we will not refund your money.

In the event that your return package is lost by the courier, insurance claims cannot be processed until the courier has completed its own investigation. We will not issue refunds for lost or damaged items until after the courier has concluded its investigation. If you believe your item has been lost, please contact 300watches and the courier.

For those whose watches arrive wrapped in the “300watches” tape: We will not accept your returns if that tape has been broken. If you want to certify the watch’s authenticity, and you believe that you must remove the tape to do so, you’ll have to decide if you like the look of the timepiece first!

Feel free to try the watch on and see if it fits. But we will not accept a return if you have worn and used the watch!

For insurance purposes: Any customer who wants to return a watch must take a photo of the product in its return-packaging, before it is closed and sealed, and include that photo in the shipment so we can see that it has been shipped in the exact same condition in which you received it.