Don't Forget Our Protection Plan on Every Watch you Buy from Us.

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Will 300watches Buy Back My Watch?

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Buy-Back Just as you might trade in that vintage sports car you bought in a past life, you may eventually decide that your wrist is due for an upgrade. It’s time to sell your watch, and put that money towards a new timepiece.

We hope that you will consider 300watches for every purchase. So, to make sure our friends’ time-telling needs are always being met, we have decided to begin offering the 300watches Buyback Plan.

Simply put, this new policy will allow you to sell your watch back to us, within a certain timeframe, should you decide you want to try something different. Think of it as added insurance for people who change their minds. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping the watch back to us.

However, whether or not we offer the buyback policy will be determined on a case-by-case basis. This means that, on rare occasions, 300watches may not offer the buyback plan on a particular watch.

Let’s break it down: At checkout, you’ll choose between the one-year, two-year, and three-year plans. If, at any point within the chosen timeframe, you decide that you'd like to sell your watch back to us, we guarantee that we will buy it back from you. The price we pay will be determined at the time of your purchase. And, should you decide to sell it back, you will have that payment in-hand within 14 business days.

So, how much will it cost?

That depends on which plan you choose. If you think you’ll want to sell the watch back within a year, just add 3% to the total cost of your watch. If you want to extend that to two years, add 4.5% to the total cost; or, you can extend that to three years by adding 5.5% to the total cost.

Before confirming your purchase, you will be shown the price that we will pay you, if you do decide to sell your watch back to us.

Here’s the catch: In order for you to be paid the price agreed upon, the watch must be in satisfactory mechanical and cosmetic condition.

After we receive your watch in the mail, our watch-service centers will make sure that the piece is running smoothly. And don’t worry — any minor scratches or scuffs can be easily cleaned up. And even if we determine that the movement needs basic servicing, we won’t renege on our promise to buy the watch back. Again, as long as these cosmetic and mechanical changes are determined to be minor by our service centers, we will gladly take the watch off your hands.

However, if the crystal is cracked or scratched; if the case and/or bracelet are dented or broken; if the piece has been custom-engraved; or if the movement has been damaged, WE WILL NOT BUY THE WATCH BACK.