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Watch Glossary

  • Caliber

    A caliber is a diameter of main plate of round case of luxury watch or a diameter of a disc plate of a timepiece of other shape. This term also can mean the concrete model of fine watches. Nowadays, many watch trademarks has own calibers. The owners of these companies affirm that the creation of calibers is a great investment. It is really profitable thing for the producers of high-end watches to create own calibers. This process demands heavy spending, but the watch with this peculiarity are extremely valuable for the collectors. The true connoisseurs of Swiss watches appreciate such uniqueness. The ETA company is the main producer of mechanisms for the best luxury watches. This company is a member of Swatch Group Ltd and it produces over 100000 of mechanisms for different brands. The ETA company is an incontestable leader in the given sphere. The Breitling, IWC, Chopard and Panerai trademarks employ the ETA calibers. The Omega luxury watches company has own exclusive mechanisms. The perfect caliber is a greatly worked-out and beautifully engraved mechanism. The credibility of work of your accessory depends on a caliber. An accuracy of timepieces also depends on this element. So, it is necessary to pay an attention to the caliber. In general, the inner part of the watch is more important than its external visual attractiveness, if you need true precise.

  • Carat

    Carat is a unit of weight, which was accepted in Paris in 1907. This unit is created for jewelry art to weight pearl and precious stones. Moreover, this unit defines the fineness of gold. There are several types of carat: metric cart, English carat, Arabic carat and canonical carat. As for the gold, there is a special unit, which is called the Britain carat. The watchmakers usually employ yellow, rose and white gold and precious stones for the creation and adornment of the samples of luxury watches. There are timepieces of 12, 14, 18 and 24K gold. Moreover, many examples of fine watches are decorated with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds. For example, the majority of models of Cartier luxury watches have a crown with a sapphire. The Chopard 201 is one the most expensive pattern of high-end watches in the world. It is more like a jewelry piece than a watch. This Chopard watch is completely covered with different gems. There is only one exemplar of this magnificent timepiece. The given specimen of prestige watches has a small gold-tone dial, which is difficult to see behind the brilliance of precious gems abundance. A set of unusually big diamonds adorns a case and strap of this amazing piece of luxury watches. The biggest rare pink diamond weights 15k and the blue diamond weights 12k. The weight of the third white diamond is 11k. A strap of this watch is embellished with flowers of yellow and white diamonds; the common weight of all these stones is 200k.

  • Carbon Fiber

    Carbon Fiber is a solid material, which consists of thin fibers. These fibers are formed of carbons. Its usage started in 1880 and firstly it was used for bulbs. The usage of Carbon Fiber as a material for creation of high-end watches began round ten years ago. It supplies extremely great durability of a timepiece and ideally fits for a creation of luxury watch of sport style. Moreover, the accessories of this material always has unbelievably attractive look. The items of fine watches of Carbon Fiber usually meant for aerospace sphere. There are many luxury watch trademarks, which produce the timepieces with Carbon Fiber details. Fro example, you can find the watch of this material among the collections of the Hublot, IWC, Omega, Romain Jerome and Franc Vila brands. The Hublot Big Bang Aero Bang Red Magic Vendome Carbon Fiber Watch is an attractive sample of Swiss watches, which has a case of first-rate Carbon Fiber. A strap of this piece of watch art is accomplished of black rubber. Moreover, this watch uses a deployment clasp. There is also a Carbon Fiber bezel, which highlights a black dial with red elements. The dial of this delightful manly exemplar of prestige watches is also equipped with several chronographs and a date window. In addition, automatic movement powers the hands of this piece of watch art. In general, Carbon Fiber is a solid material of high quality, due to which the timepiece will serve you for the long time.

  • Case

    The luxury watch case does not mean the box that contains the watch. It means the metal housing that holds the watch movement, dial, crown, bezel, all buttons and a back plate together. Figuratively speaking, the case is the space between the two arms, where the bracelet or strap attaches. Fine watch case can be made of different high-quality and durable materials. Stainless steel, gold, silver, ceramic, titanium and platinum are the most commonly used materials. Case size is also an important factor in the luxury watch style. On average, a case diameter of the men’s watches is about 37-39 millimeters. Sports items have a bigger diameter – about 40-42mm. There also can be the XL sizes with the width of 45mm. As for the women’s watches, the standard case is approximately 26-29 millimeters in diameter, but it can also be mini cases with 23-25mm width. Moreover, you can find the midsize high-end watches. The case of such a timepiece is, usually, bigger than in the women’s watch and smaller than in the men’s one. It has a diameter of 34-36mm. It is also important that most of the timepiece cases produced by luxury watch brands are hypoallergenic, scratch resistant and shockproof. Besides, they are very easy. And remember, a watch case is not only a beautiful covering, it is one of the most important parts of your designer watch, which tells everyone about the quality of your timepiece.

  • Case Length

    A luxury watch case can be very small, large or anywhere in between, it depends on the design and the whole idea of the watchmaker. So it is very important to find the right-sized watch with a perfect case, which will suit to your look and style. One of the most important measures of the fine watch case is its length. It, usually, includes the lugs, which hold the watch band in place with the help of a little rod or pin. To be more precise, it’s the distance between the lugs on the top of the watch case and the lugs on the bottom of the watch case. Everything is clear when we talk about a rectangle designer watch case. But if we take a round case, some questions can arise. Sometimes people mistakenly believe that the case length and the case diameter are one and the same. But the case length includes not only a luxury watch dial with its bezel. As we have already said, it is lug to lug length that can be longer than the width or diameter of the high-end watch case. For example, if we take the Audemars Piguet 26561BC.OO.D002CR.01 Jules Audemars Tourbillon Gold Watch, we’ll see that despite the fact that the case of this luxury watch is round, its length is 45mm with the lugs and its width is just 41mm.

  • Case Material

    As it was already mentioned in the previous glossary entry, luxury watch case can be made of different materials with one common thing – they all are very durable. It is very important because the case is a necessary component of every watch that combines a watch movement, dial, bezel and all fine parts with the back plate together. So, what material the watch case can be made of? High-end watch manufacturers prefer to use stainless steel, 18k gold and platinum. Stainless steel is a very hard metal with anti-corrosion properties. Such cases are a good variant for an everyday watch. Gold is a classic choice for fine watches. Although this material can be rather soft, it is still durable and can be transformed into yellow, pink or white colors. Platinum is the most exclusive metal used for designer watch cases. It has good corrosion resistant properties that make it a perfect material for a prestige timepiece. Luxury watch cases can also be made of titanium and ceramic. Titanium is a very strong non-allergenic metal. It is highly resistant to all types of corrosion and extreme temperatures. As for ceramic, it is a delicate substance, but thanks to high-technology processes it was converted into a durable material that brings more elegance to designer watches. Watch creators are not going to stop only on these materials. They always try to find something new by combining the most sensational metals in order to make an ideal watch case.

  • Case Thickness

    One of the important characteristics of a luxury watch case is its thickness. As you have already known, the case is a kind of container that holds all necessary parts of the watch, such as dial, bezel, movement mechanism, back plate and other details. So the case thickness plays a big role in the level of convenience and the whole appearance of a designer watch. It doesn’t mean that a thick case is uncomfortable or unattractive. It just means that the proportion of diameter to thickness is the key to a good looking high-end watch. Besides, its perfect combination also depends on the luxury watch style and directly on the watch brand. Case thickness measures from the highest point of the crystal to the base of the watch case. If we estimate the fine watch case thickness, we’ll find the following standards: 14-18mm is considered thick, 12-14mm is a full size, 8-12mm is average, 6-8mm is considered thin, but sometimes it can be even thinner – 4-5mm. Such thin cases are, usually, used in women’s designer watches, as they are more elegant and graceful. Thick cases can be used in sports watches, especially if they are water resistant. And remember, case thickness as the whole watch itself should always look in harmony with your image and lifestyle.

  • Case Width

    High end luxury watch is certainly a fashion accessory that’s why it should be an inherent part of person’s unique image. So it is necessary to know the size of the fine watch in order to be sure that the timepiece will suit the individual. In particular, the case size is one of the most important things in the watch style. Don’t forget that sizing, usually, depends on the design and directly the watch manufacturer. Some famous watchmakers produce huge watches, at the same time others are specialized in very petite models. Such measurement is, usually, obtained in millimeters as it is a standard reference for watch width. So what is the case width of the luxury watch? It is the diameter of the timepiece case without the crown. Sports watches, usually, have the largest available cases. Their width is approximately 40-42mm, but sometimes it can reach even 45mm (it’s the XL size). The second largest size is used in designer dress watches for men. It is equal to 37-39mm. Unisex size is smaller (34-36mm). This size, as well as the midsize (30-33mm), perfect suits both male and female. The standard case sizes for ladies watches are 26-29mm in width. For those women who have a smaller wrist there are high-end watches with 23-25mm case diameter. All measurements are approximate. But in any case, you can always find a watch that will be suitable for you.

  • Chronograph

    A chronograph is often confused with a chronometer, but it's actually very simple to recognize. A luxury watch with a chronometer is simply a timepiece with an integrated stopwatch. What distinguishes a chronograph from other fine watches is the availability of specific dials which can measure different time intervals. This complication is extremely popular nowadays and it's indispensable in everyday life, as well as in sport and aviation. The chronographs have eye-catching dials with pushers along the side of the case. These buttons are designed to stop, start and reset the timing function. Additional dials on the display show the recorded time. Most of the high end watches with chronometers record up to 30 minutes, but there are some models that can record to 12 hours. Although the majority of watch enthusiasts does not use chronograph, this complication remains one of the most popular features of the fine watches. Many luxury watch brands produce chronograph watches. Breitling, for example, recently launched a limited collection of amazing timepieces - Chronomat GMT Black Steel, featuring artfully crafted chronograph caliber B04. Calibre de Cartier Chronographe is another sophisticated masterpiece from the best watchmakers. Its complication is inimitably elegant and reliable. Moreover, this luxury watch boasts the immaculate design and reliability. Among other companies that manufacture top-choice chronometers are Chopard, Hublot, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Omega, etc.

  • Chronometer

    The term “chronometer” has a lot of meanings in different spheres of life and fields of science, for example: astronomy, geodetic measurements and seamanship. As for the watchmaking, there is one exact definition, which refers to the firs-rate prestige watches. This multifaceted term has the Greek origin; it consists of two different words, which means “to measure” and “time”. Harrison invented the first chronometer in 1734 and his brilliant invention was intended for vessels. This device served for the reckoning of the longitude. Today, the structure of the chronometer has significantly changed. Moreover, this term started to be used in the sphere of luxury watches creating. Nowadays, the chronometer is a sample of fine watches with extremely precise mechanism. It is not just a word; it is a special high status. The majority of articles of Swiss watches are chronometers. The variety of tests and trials confirm this status and as a result a producer of the given timepiece get a certificate, which justifies that this item of luxury watches is a true accurate and credible chronometer. The Swiss Controle Officiel Suissedes Chronometres tests the patterns of high-end watches and certifies them. Rolex, Omega and Breitling companies are the most famous producers of chronometers. So, if you search for credible and precise timepiece, the chronometer is an item for you.


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