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Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Company is a perfect example of the excellent reputation and impressive history. It is one of the greatest luxury watch manufacturers of the 21st century along with Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. Its history started in 1755, when Jean-Marc Vacheron, a talented watchmaker from Geneva, opened the workshop. His clientele started to grow steadily after he had created a sterling silver pocket watch. But the successful advancement of the company would not be possible without François Constantin and Georges-Auguste Leschot. Constantin joined the company soon after the Napoleonic Wars and marketed brand’s watches all over the world, whereas Leschot revolutionized watchmaking process by inventing a machine for interchangeable watch parts production.

Since the company's earliest years, heads of state and royalties were loyal to Vacheron Constantin watches for sale. Napoleon Bonaparte, the Duke of Windsor, Harry Truman, Queen Elizabeth II and others have proved that Vacheron Constantin luxury watches are much more than just a way to measure time. The company has always produced a great variety of Vacheron Constantin watches for sale made of precious metals and decorated with diamonds. Among the most popular brand’s collections are Patrimony, Malte, Quai de l'Ile, Overseas, Métiers D'Art, and many others. 300watches offers you to buy Vacheron Constantin watches online at reasonable prices here, on our website. Look through our catalogues and find the model you like!