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Ulysse Nardin

There are hardly any watch connoisseurs who haven’t heard of the Ulysse Nardin brand. The company was named after its founder, a very talented watchmaker. He started his business in 1846 in Switzerland with the intent of producing marine chronometers. To say that the craftsman succeeded is to say nothing, as these Ulysse Nardin watches for sale have received more than 4,300 first place medals for quality and professionalism.

After some substantial changes in the company management in 1983, when the brand was purchased by Rolf W. Schnyder, Ulysse Nardin watches for sale became even more extraordinary and distinguished. A talented scientist and watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin who started to work for the company in that period created strikingly sophisticated and innovative watches. His first masterpiece called the Astrolabium Galileo Galilei model has the impressive list of various features. Thus, this model indicates the position of the moon, stars and the sun, as well as eclipses, sunrise, sunset and many other things. And it is just the first part of the Trilogy of Time, another two are Planetarium Copernicus and Tellurium Johannes Kepler.

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