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Profound respect for watchmaking craftsmanship and innovative spirit has led the Tissot brand to the highest achievements. Established by Charles and Paul Tissot in 1853, the company has grown into a global corporation present in more than 160 countries. Everything started from the small Swiss town Le Locle. The small workshop, run by father and son, produced high quality pocket watches. At that period Charles-Emile traveled a lot, presenting his fine watches even to the Czar of the Russian Empire and his subjects. His son Charles took the reigns of power in 1883 and continued the advertising trips.

One of the reasons the family business has become one of the biggest watchmakers in the world, is that Tissot possesses talented engineers and designers, contributing immensely in the development of technically advanced high end luxury watches with admirable profile. From the very beginning, Tissot cared about its customers. It was one of the first Swiss watch companies to launch a mass watch industry, thus providing the accessible opportunity for everyone to buy a Tissot watch.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the Swiss manufacturer was already known in Russia, Europe, and America for its high end watches for men and women. It should be mentioned that Tissot was the first company to create the pocket watch with two time zones (1853) and after 77 years the brand introduced its groundbreaking anti-magnetic watch. Moreover, Tissot was the first manufacturer to design a plastic watch as well as fine watches out of stone (Tissot RockWatch with granite from the Alps), mother of pearl and even wood.

In 1916, Tissot produced its famous Banana Watch that was re-edited in 1991 due to its tremendous success on the market. This luxury watch has a stainless steel case, vintage look and yellow dial. Tissot Porto watch with chronometer was inspired by the Art Deco movement. This Swiss watch had a tonneau-shaped case, white dial with black numbers and unique style. In 1929, Tissot and Omega merged into one company called SSIH and this turned out to be a good idea, as there was a great economic pressure caused by WW1. This helped two luxury watch companies to survive and continue to manufacture the best high end watches.

In 1953, Tissot created an incredible Tissot Navigator watch with 24 time zones, which was designed especially for travelers. In 1965 the company launched PR 516 Automatic Seastar watch which was inspired by the vintage racing cars. Tissot continued to enhance its technological expertise and introduced such timepieces as Tissot TwoTimer (featured analogue and digital time), first touch-screen Tissot T-Touch watch, Tissot Mother of Pearl watch and many others.

Nowadays, Tissot continues to create innovative fine watches utilizing the latest technologies. It produces pocket watches, classical steel timepieces, ladies high end luxury watches in different variations, sport and retro watches. Even the most discerning watch connoisseur would have to admit, that Tissot represents only the high-end spheres of horology.