Michael Kors

Michael Kors, the founder of the same name brand, was born in New York in 1959. Young Michael was very enthusiastic with beautiful clothes, so after the graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology he was fully involved in the fashion design business. Since 1998, Michael Kors began to create his own luxury collections and just two years later, in 2000, the famous designer opened his first store in the New York City. That same year, the brand created many kinds of luxury products including shoes, sunglasses, bags, belts and, of course, Michael Kors watches for sale.

Branded timepieces for men and women have the particular elements connected with other accessories. The main distinctive feature of Michael Kors designer watches is, of course, their unique bands. They can be silver-plated, gold-plated, made of leather or decorated with rhinestones and diamonds, and always look luxurious. Brand is also famous for its Michael Kors chronograph watches for sale equipped with many additional functions that are ideally suited to casual style. The Michael Kors's ladies line is represented by the Ladies Chronos, Ladies Leather, Ladies Metals and Mixed Materials collections. All of them are truly fashion masterpieces that combine precise movements and impressive design solutions. Today, Michael Kors watches for sale are very popular around the world. They are not only high-quality timepieces, but also original and unique stylish accessories with purely American practicality and European charm.