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The Hublot Company was established in Geneva in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. His contribution to the watchmaking history was given by the production of the first timepiece with a rubber strap, an excellent match to gold and steel cases. This helped the Hublot brand to get approval of the European royalty and to gain success in a short period of time. Today the brand is famous for its variety of Hublot watches for sale made of gold and stainless steel that are distinguished by their quality and remarkable style. Moreover, this simplicity of design gives the timepieces an elegant look. In addition, the case of Hublot watches for sale has a very interesting shape inspired by the origin of its name, which can be translated from French as porthole.

Brand’s famous Big Bang model was released in 2005. The same year, this representative of chronograph watches was awarded a prize for the best design. These Hublot watches for sale can be equipped with a complex mechanism called tourbillon and a perpetual calendar. The first Big Bang women’s model was launched in 2008. It was made of gold and stainless steel but wasn’t tooled with a chronograph.

Hublot maintains the reputation of one of the most significant companies in the world. That’s why we are very glad to present the best models created by this famous brand. So now you can buy Hublot watches online at very attractive prices here, on 300watches.com.