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Harry Winston

The Harry Winston House is one of the biggest and most conspicuous manufacturers famous for its unsurpassed collections of jewelry, as well as diamond watches for men and women with the most extraordinary design. It was founded by Harry Winston in 1920. After his death in 1978, his son Ronald Winston became in charge of the company. It came up to the new stage of development. In 1988, the first collection of Harry Winston watches for sale was presented, and the first automatic timepiece was designed in 1994. Among the most sought-after branded models for that time was the Premier Perpetual Calendar – a watch with automatic movement and bi-retrograde perpetual calendar.

In 2001, the Opus collection of Harry Winston watches for sale multiplied the popularity of the brand. One of its greatest models, Opus 9, became a winner of the Best Designer Geneva 2009. The Project Z6 watch is another one excellent proof of brand’s mastery. The case of this watch is made of zalio, the material used only by this company. The watch has an alarm, hour and seconds functions and a black rubber strap with zalio closure. In this way, the Harry Winston House still remains one of the most important watch manufacturers in the international market. You can buy Harry Winston watches at very attractive prices at 300watches.com, a website that specializes in excellent timepieces. We also offer pre-owned watches in good condition as one of our main options.