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Bvlgari (also known as Bulgari) is on the list of the most popular watchmakers all over the world. The company produces glasses, different pieces of fine jewelry and perfumes, and certainly Bvlgari watches for sale. Moreover, since 2001 the brand has started to engross other smaller companies and firms, such as Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta trademarks, to make them even more popular and renowned. For today, Bvlgari possesses 52 companies with more than 4000 employees not including it.

The Bvlgari brand itself appeared in late 1884. Sotorio Bulgari was a jeweler from Greece. He worked with silver creating wonderful masterpieces and Bvlgari watches for sale. In 1884, he moved to Italy and opened a jewelry shop in the principal city. His sons helped him to start a business, working with jewels, watches, and stones. After the World War II, the company began to cooperate with Romans using their gold techniques. The new products like jewelry and high end watches began appearing in movies, on TV, they were everywhere. In this way, the company combined the past, the present, and the future in each of its wrist luxury watches.

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