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Breguet is one of the most famous watchmaking brands all over the world. Any model created by this company is a real masterpiece that differs from other designer watches. The wonderful mix of gold, stainless steel, and diamonds is a result of a hard work done by the talented team of designers, engineers, and other gifted craftsmen.

The company was founded by Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris, in 1775. He produced Breguet watches for sale with many unbelievable improvements. For example, the 1801 was a year of a great invention that revolutionized the whole world of Haute Horlogerie forever. Abraham Breguet created the tourbillon that is used in automatic watches up to this day. Such timepieces were in high demand, even the Queen of Naples ordered one of them. Eventually, in 1970, the Breguet manufacture moved to Switzerland, and thus the new Breguet watches for sale became even more popular.

For today, the company is known all over the world and gained a reputation of a very expensive and unique watchmaking brand. It has its own museum, where the visitors can observe a lot of interesting materials, like letters from the very exclusive clients, records, books, signatures, thank-you letters, etc.

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