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Blancpain is a company with a very long history. Its founder Jehan-Jacques Blancpain started his business in far 1735 and gained an excellent reputation. He worked in Switzerland creating luxury watches powered by exceptionally mechanical movements. The brand produced nearly 10,000 Blancpain watches for sale a year. Moreover, each watch was made by one particular clockmaker. The company was also very proud to present one of the most complicated timepieces – the Blancpain 1735. This Swiss watch with its 745 details and elements was a real invention. It was equipped with a split chronograph, moon phase and perpetual calendars, minute repeater, tourbillon and the slimmest movement. The brand launched only 30 copies of this one-million luxury watch.

During more than 250 years, this famous company was working hard on new lines and new designs. The most popular Blancpain watches for sale are Le Brassus timepieces powered by completely new movements, Lehman watches that show a day, month, year, and even a moon phase, L-Evolution models with their sporty fancy look, Specialites timepieces equipped with a one of a kind barrel spring, tourbillion and reverse chronograph, and also Villeret models with a calendar window, time zone indicators and 100 hours of power reserve. So if you are interested in this brand, you can find wonderful representatives of Blancpain watches for sale on our website. Furthermore, these exclusive 100% authentic Blancpain watches have very reasonable prices that will pleasantly surprise you.