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Top 5 Jewelry Myths We Believe

We love jewelry because it makes us look dazzling and more attractive. But did you know that there are exciting myths beyond these sparkly pieces, which we are used to believing? Read on to learn the top 5 jewelry myths and a little background on them.

Top 5 jewelry myths we believe

1. You can dissolve pearls in vinegar
No doubt, pearls are extremely delicate, and you can dissolve them in vinegar. However, the process of dissolving might take days. To do that quickly, you should crush them first.

2. Diamonds do not break
It is one of the most popular jewelry myths. Surely, diamonds are extremely durable and hard to break. They are classified as a 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness. However, it is truly possible to break, chip, or scratch diamond jewelry if it is not properly handled.

3. You can check gold is real by biting it
In ancient times, coins were tested on teeth to see if they were authentic. The thing about gold is that it is a soft metal, so biting it can cause your teeth to mark on it. However, keep in mind that scammers cover jewelry with other soft materials such as lead because it shows similar characteristics as gold.

4. The bigger the stone, the better
Another jewelry myth that needs to be revealed is that size matters. Of course, a large gemstone costs more, but this is not always the case. A small high-quality gem is more valuable than a large one with an inadequate cut.

5. Gold has three colors
Gold has one color – yellow gold. It is quite popular to associate it with three colors: yellow, white, and rose gold. We get the last two when combining other metals to make the jewelry more durable.

These were our top 5 jewelry myths that should be busted. When purchasing jewelry, ask professionals about its quality and characteristics. The best key is to know rather than to believe.