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Timepiece — An Enigmatic Sculpture by Wendy Taylor in London

London is an ancient city of sculpture. Here, you can find some of the most unrivaled and exquisite public monuments and statues. Lots of talented sculptors have put enormous effort into the development of the art scene of the city. Fortunately, the ambitions of modern and contemporary artists have not faded away, and today you can meet quite a number of exceptionally designed pieces relevant to our time. One that merits special attention is Timepiece, an enigmatic sculpture placed outside the Tower Hotel by Tower Bridge in London.

Timepiece — An Enigmatic Sculpture by Wendy Taylor

Timepiece is not an ordinary static installation. It was designed and mounted as a giant steel sundial with hours shaped as raised dots. This enigmatic sculpture is a brainchild of the famous modernistic English artist and sculptor Wendy Taylor, who has an extensive list of works across England.

Timepiece resembles a giant washer, pierced by a gnomon in the middle and supported on the three chains from the bottom. Despite its considerable size, it perfectly fits into the aesthetical environment of the Thames embankment where it stands. Though this enigmatic sculpture establishes a subtle connection between art and watches, you cannot fully substitute your original wristwatch with Timepiece since the latter shows time only when the sun is north of the equator. However, it is still important, as the sundial clearly demonstrates the proximity of the Greenwich meridian.

Wendy Taylor’s Timepiece is known as one of the first large-scale contemporary sculptures in the 70s, which revolutionized the idea of creating public big pieces and sundials in particular. Today, it is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in London. Given that Timepiece is next to the Tower Hotel and Tower Bridge, it is hard not to see this architectural beauty when you are visiting the Big Smoke. If you are planning a visit to London, take your time to see it with your own eyes.