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5 Strengths and Weaknesses of Gold Watches

Gold is one of the most expensive and valuable metals in the world. Given its popularity and status, there is no wonder that many accessories and jewels are made of gold. Particular attention should be given to gold watches, absolutely unique elements of fashion that many people usually fail to incorporate into their personal style. That is because every gold watch possesses certain strengths and weaknesses often ignored by the majority of watch buyers. Don’t be like the rest and do your homework before you make a purchase!

5 strengths and weaknesses of gold watches


1. There is nothing compared to the dazzling look of gold timepieces.
2. Gold is perhaps the most stable currency in the long term, meaning that your wristwatch won’t lose its value with time.
3. Watches made of gold signify your high status and exquisite fashion taste.
4. A gold watch is almost always a perfect option for accessorizing black outfits and night dresses.
5. Depending on the type of gold, you can easily remove scratches and polish your gold watch without external help.


1. Gold watches are notorious for their exorbitant prices. They are not like diamond watches and yet can cost you a fortune.
2. Even when mixed or alloyed, gold is considered a pretty soft metal, which makes it susceptible to scratches.
3. Gold accessories attract too much unwanted attention, making them the prime target for thieves.
4. Some people will see you wearing a gold watch as a social climber.
5. Since you will wear such a watch for special occasions most of the time, it is barely practical.

The ambivalent nature of gold watches is something you should worry about in the first place. Make sure you take into account all strengths and weaknesses whenever you buy a gold watch.