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What You Should Know about the 2020 Rolex Release

Posted: October 26, 2020

Every Rolex release is always a big-time moment for the whole world of luxury watches. Millions of collectors and fans keenly wait for the news from the world’s most outstanding Swiss watch manufacturer.…

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5 Things to Pay Attention to When Shipping Antique Timepieces

Posted: October 19, 2020

Timepieces are never easy to deal with. Every watch owner should follow a bunch of rules and pay heed to lots of minute details to keep their high-end watches functional in the long run. One of the…

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Luxurywatches — World’s Most Exclusive Watches in One Place

Posted: October 10, 2020

Buying luxury watches is not a simple go-and-buy sort of thing. For both a complete beginner and a skillful connoisseur, this process is a ritual implying the appropriate time, atmosphere, and, of…

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The Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show in Sharjah

Posted: October 04, 2020

The world of high-end jewelry & watches is so vast and diverse that almost everyone can find something close to their hearts. The industry brims with dozens of multifaceted events and fairs every…

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Bvlgari Watches: A Timeless Classic of Italian Watchmaking

Posted: September 27, 2020

Bvlgari is widely known as one of the most prestigious and respected luxury brands in Italy. With over a century of experience, the world-famous Italian company specializes in a variety of things,…

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5 Vintage Watches You Should Start Collecting in 2020

Posted: September 20, 2020

Only a few months are left till the end of fairly puzzling 2020, and almost everyone is holding their breath waiting for “surprises” the next year will bring us in terms of new watches,…

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Timepiece — An Enigmatic Sculpture by Wendy Taylor in London

Posted: August 15, 2020

London is an ancient city of sculpture. Here, you can find some of the most unrivaled and exquisite public monuments and statues. Lots of talented sculptors have put enormous effort into the development…

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What Makes Cartier Luxury Watches Some of the Best in the World?

Posted: August 08, 2020

When people hear the word Cartier, as a rule, they imagine highly opulent luxury goods. It is hard to find those who have never heard of this world-famous French fashion conglomerate specializing in…

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White Glove Delivery Services for Luxury Watches

Posted: August 02, 2020

Like any other complex and high-end mechanisms, luxury watches require peerless care and a responsible attitude when being moved from one place to another. That is why it is wise and effective to use…

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W&W Shanghai: An Invitation-Only Event for Luxury Watch Lovers

Posted: July 25, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is not only about the hazardous situation in the world but also about the substantial burden for the entire business sphere. The industry of luxury watches is no exception,…

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