New Release Watches to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Posted: February 10, 2016

Past Monday, February 8, officially marked the start of Chinese New Year – the Year of the Monkey. It is the most important annual event celebrated in Asia, as well as in the main cities of Europe…

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Czapek & Cie: Rebirth of the Legendary Luxury Watch Brand

Posted: November 23, 2015

Francois Czapek, one of the most significant names in the world of Haute Horlogerie, has reemerged from the depths of history. Czapek & Cie. returns to the stage with the Quai des Bergues collection…

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November’s Coolest New Watches

Posted: November 16, 2015

Do you know what high-end luxury watches have become the most discussed this month, or what are the latest novelties released by the best watchmaking companies? Here are November’s coolest new…

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Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve 2015: Red Carpet of Luxury Watch World

Posted: November 09, 2015

Watchmaking creativity and excellence were celebrated on 29 October in Geneva at the award ceremony dedicated to the 15th Grand Prix d’Horlogerie (GPHG). It has become the world’s largest…

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Luxury Watch Collecting Guide for Beginners

Posted: November 02, 2015

A luxury watch is much more than just an instrument to measure time. For many people, it is an expression of enjoyment of the most exquisite things in life like a tailor made suit, vintage car, or…

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Halloween Designer Watches You Can Buy Online

Posted: October 26, 2015

It's Halloween again! It means that very soon streets all over the world will be invaded by skeletons, zombies, witches, vampires, and different ghouls and ghosts pounding on doors for a trick…

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Best Minute Repeater Watches

Posted: October 22, 2015

You have probably heard about minute repeater high end luxury watches created by the best watchmaking manufacturers, but do know what a repeater means? In a nutshell, it is an outstanding complication…

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Mission of Mermaids Designer Watches: Special Edition by Girard-Perregaux

Posted: October 17, 2015

In 2013, the famous Girard-Perregaux brand presented a special edition of designer watches created in collaboration with Susan Rockefeller and named after her eponymous documentary, “Mission…

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Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud Brand New Watches

Posted: October 14, 2015

Chopard Group has recently presented truly exceptional high-end luxury watches for men released under the Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud brand. These new models of watches are inspired by the…

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How to Distinguish a Genuine Rolex Luxury Watch from a Fake?

Posted: October 06, 2015

Rolex high-end luxury watches are always in the limelight that makes them incredibly attractive for fraudsters trying to fool the brand’s fans. You have probably met people in traffic jams or…

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