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5 Most Useful and Popular Watch Complications

To say that watches are used solely for showing time is an outdated thing to pronounce. Nowadays, you can find a variety of luxury wristwatches with truly impressive high-end features that make a watch much more than just a tool for keeping time. In common terms, such features are called watch complications, and there are many of them in today's market. Below you will find the five most useful and popular complications that you should know about.

5 most useful and popular watch complications

1. World time (GMT)
Watches with a world time complication are made with travelers in mind. Everything is plain and simple: there is an inner bezel with a 24-hour scale inside an outer bezel, which you can use to navigate yourself in different time zones.

2. Day-Date
This basic complication simply shows you the day of the week or the date of the month. You can encounter watches both with the first and the second type of day-date feature.

3. Chronograph
In laymen’s terms, a chronograph is a stopwatch. Most of the time, a chronograph watch is used for timing races or runs. However, the chronograph will come in handy for lots of other purposes as well.

4. Moon phase
Amongst all of the watch specifications on this list, the moon phase is probably the most depictive. Though aesthetically appealing, it remains one of the least useful watch complications due to its specific use.

5. Annual calendar
An annual calendar specification is an updated version of the day-date complication. Apparently, this one shows you days, dates, and months. That being said, do not confuse it with a perpetual calendar because the annual calendar should be set once a year while the perpetual calendar should not.

Buying watches is like buying fine art, and as a collector, you need to know the watch complications of your timepieces like the back of your hand. Hopefully, this information will help you make your life easier and your watch collection even more meaningful.