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4 Practical Tips on How to Match a Fine Watch with Your Outfit

Though being small in size, a wristwatch is arguably one of the most significant dealbreakers when it comes to personal outfits. This accessory holds more power and potential than you think. Thanks to unique and eye-catching design, a timepiece on your wrist can either enhance your look or ruin it. For that reason, every watch owner should know how to match a fine watch with clothes. Here are five practical tips on how to nail watch wearing and look like a million bucks every day.

4 practical tips on how to match a fine watch with your outfit

1. Consider the formality
Every time you think of what fine watch to choose, you need to keep in mind the formality of the occasion. You would not wear a military watch with a business suit, would you? The only exception is fancy smartwatches that will look nice both with sportswear and with black/white ties.

2. Materials matter
One unwritten fashion rule says that materials complement each other. A leather watchband will look best with leather belts and shoes. The same goes for metals. In this case, you can match a color of a belt buckle and the metal case of your watch.

3. Learn how to pair watches with jewelry
Luxury watches are accessories themselves. Therefore, you need to master the subtle art of combining your watches with other jewelry pieces. The best way to do so is to buy jewels of the same brand. In fact, many luxury watch brands produce a wide range of accessories.

4. Match it with other articles of clothing
If nothing helps and you cannot find a suitable match, try to combine it with some articles of clothing like socks, ties, cufflinks, or purses. Just do not leave your fine watch alone.

These quick and simple tips will help you build a good outfit and look drop-dead gorgeous wherever you go.