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Luxury Watches of the US First Ladies: A Quick Overview

It is not a secret that a posh luxury watch is always an impeccable article of clothing. High-status people and celebrities tend to dress according to the last word in fashion, wearing the finest designer watches when a chance comes along. Today, we will focus on not just celebs but the US First Ladies, powerful women of powerful men. Let’s see what luxury watches the wives of the US leaders wear.

Luxury watches of the US First Ladies: a quick overview

Jackie Kennedy
John F. Kennedy made his wife, Jackie Kennedy, a special gift – Cartier Tank Louis with a gold case and black alligator strap. The timepiece was tailored to the president’s wife, featuring the inscription “To Jackie, Love Jack.” Back then, its price was around $3,500.

Nancy Reagan
When Ronald Reagan was a president, his wife Nancy was a national celebrity. Known for her distinct style, she preferred a 14k yellow gold-and-diamond watch by the famous Tiffany & Co. It cost $3,700.

Hillary Clinton
When Hillary Clinton was the First Lady, she was an ardent Rolex fan. Most of the time, Bill Clinton’s wife was seen wearing Rolex Datejust made of 18k yellow gold, a decent choice among many ladies fine timepieces.

Michelle Obama
Like Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama loves luxury watches by Cartier. The First Lady of the US and her husband Barack Obama were famous for their repressed style. However, she was spotted wearing Cartier Tank Francaise in stainless steel for $2,590.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump was a professional fashion model and businesswoman, so she does have an eye for luxury watches. Same to her husband Donald Trump, she likes Vacheron Constantin and has a weakness for diamonds. Her famous Vacheron Constantin Kalla Large Diamond Watch has a price tag of $1,200,250. A mouth-watering sum indeed.

What kind of watch will the next First Lady choose? Only time will tell!