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Luxury Diamond Watches as an Investment

What do you expect from a luxury diamond wristwatch when you buy it at one of the most prestigious watch boutiques in Switzerland? Lustrous beauty of the gemstones and refined design would be a satisfactory answer, but have you considered watches as an investment? On a par with fine art and vintage wine, luxury diamond watches hold a specific place for investors pumping into the luxury industry. Watches have already proven to be a way of investing money, but at what price and to what end?

Luxury diamond watches as an investment

It is hard to compare watch business with any other luxury sector. If to take fine art, for example, there is an array of artworks, the price of which will steadily grow with time. Moreover, even the least outstanding works – as compared to the top division – will be in demand in 10 or 15 years. Unfortunately, the whole thing about luxury diamond watches is a bit tricky.

To answer the pending question, diamond watches are a genuinely good investment. The main concern is that not many of them can be labeled as such. In the watch market, not only materials but also brand can influence the price determination. Therefore, the only proven way to invest in watches is to buy diamond timepieces from the crème de la crème of the watch industry. Among those, experts distinguish Rolex (DateJust), Patek Philippe (Nautilus), and Audemars Piguet (Royal Oak). With such watches, you are guaranteed to have the price growing with years.

As for other luxury diamond watches, predictions are less certain, but they would be a good buy anyway. Do not forget that you deal with diamonds, highly valuable gemstones that might well alter the price change. This would be a good reminder for everyone who is going to invest in timepieces. Next time you visit a luxury watch auction, think carefully before making a purchase.