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How to Distinguish a Genuine Rolex Luxury Watch from a Fake?

Rolex high-end luxury watches are always in the limelight that makes them incredibly attractive for fraudsters trying to fool the brand’s fans. You have probably met people in traffic jams or near shopping centers, or just on the streets who sell “premium class” timepieces. The price of such “luxury watches” for men and women and the place of their sale speak for themselves, so we are not going to talk about them. Just be careful and don’t have any dealings with such sellers! However, it is much more dangerous to buy Rolex designer watches in stores that sell fakes of very good quality at the prices close to authentic branded timepieces. This is exactly what you should be afraid of! So let’s look at the main differences between a genuine Rolex and a fake that you have to know when buying a luxury watch.

Men's Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 18K Yellow Gold Automatic Date Watch

1. Hold the watch in your hands. If the timepiece is much easier than it looks, more likely, you are holding a fake Rolex. Original high-end watches are quite heavy, especially it concerns Submariner or other Oyster cased models.

2. If the seconds hand twitches and does not have a smooth motion, it is a clear sign of a fake Rolex.

3. Pay attention to the calendar. If the numerals indicating the date are too small or do not fit into the window, your Rolex “luxury watch” is definitely a fake. An authentic Rolex has a date that fills the entire window. Moreover, don’t forget about the Cyclops lens - the date should be magnified 2.5x.

4. Since the early 2000's, Rolex has started to etch its crown logo right into the crystal at 6 o'clock (next to the "Swiss made” inscription). So if you have good eyesight or a magnifying glass at your fingertips, you just need to ensure in its presence. The manufacturers of counterfeits usually do not even try to fake this characteristic feature of original new branded watches.

5. It is necessary to check the serial and model number of your Rolex. Remove the band and try to find the serial number under the 6 o’clock position and a model number - at the 12 o’clock position.

6. Genuine Rolex high-end watches are hardly making a sound. The mechanism works almost noiselessly that cannot be said about the fakes with clearly audible sounds of the working movement.

7. Pay attention to the crystal. For the production of its luxury watches for men and women, Rolex uses a sapphire-like crystal that is very durable and, in fact, cannot have any scratches. Fakes usually come with cheap plastic crystals or thin glass.

Men's Rolex Sky-Dweller 326938 18K Yellow Gold Automatic Date Watch

8. If you hold a Rolex luxury watch with a transparent case back showcasing the elegant work of the inner mechanism, it's 100% a fake! Rolex has never produced models with see-through case backs. Furthermore, it should not contain any engravings or etchings. An authentic Rolex means a smooth case back!

9. All the inscriptions you can find on original branded high-end watches are made very carefully with neat edges of the letters and figures that cannot be said about the fake.

So now you are informed and ready to buy genuine Rolex designer watches! Or you can just use the services of a proven online store like this one! All our timepieces are 100% authentic that is guaranteed by 300watches! Have a nice shopping!