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How to Spot a Fake Watch

Avid watch collectors know about plenty of fakes on today's market. Unless you are a seasoned watch expert, it is difficult to identify a true luxury timepiece. However, it is still possible if you follow the tips that we have shared below. So, how to spot a fake watch?

Easy tips to follow

Consider key factors
Before buying a luxury watch, do your research on the brand and models you are interested in. Learn as many details as you can: colors, designs, weight, sound, etc. Most buyers consider the following factors when choosing a genuine watch.

• Weight
• Material
• Engravings
• Movement
• Sound

Choose a reputable seller
Reputable sellers won’t offer you a fake watch. Before you make a deal with someone, learn about their credibility and experience in the business. You may have to spend more money on the product, but you get a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

Learn the history
Every vintage watch has a story to tell. Ask the seller about the provenance of the timepiece or check out its certificates and other docs. Who owned it before? Where was it housed? The paperwork can provide you with both the history of the watch and its value. If your seller does not know these details, it is a red flag. There is a good chance they are offering you a fake.

Common signs of a fake watch
Here are the major signs you are purchasing a fake watch.

• Dial errors
• The watch weighs less
• The logo is not centered
• Some functions do not work
• Improper packing
• The watch is too loud
• Dust inside the watch
• Dial letters are not sharp

Be careful when buying a high-end watch. Take the time to do your research and consult watch experts if you need that. Hopefully, these easy tips will help you avoid purchasing a counterfeit watch. Good luck!