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Fake Watches: 4 Common Facts That Are Actually False

If you are 100% sure that you cannot get fooled by fake watches, you are indeed a brave person. The more advanced and sophisticated the watch industry is, the more cunning and elaborate the art of forgery becomes. Nowadays, only a few people can spot a fake luxury watch. With so many replica watches, it turns out to be a real challenge to tell the original products from counterfeits. Here are four common facts about phony timepieces, which have always been mistakenly considered true. Let’s see what’s wrong with them.

Fake watches: 4 common facts that are actually false

1. Dummy complications
Dummy complications are not always dummy. Indeed, they usually don’t work or at, at least, malfunction, but you won’t find the truth by just analyzing the features of the fake watches.

The fact is that many luxury watches don’t have some distinguishable complications. Furthermore, many replica manufacturers have managed to recreate original watch complications, making it hard to test their quality.

2. Genuine movements
Fake watches mean fake movements. As simple as that. Most of the time, ETA movements are easy to confuse unless you are going to dismantle the watch and look inside. Fortunately or not, it’s the only way you can be sure you are not buying a cheap copy.

3. They are lighter
It’s probably one of the most dangerous false facts that you can find. Counterfeiters know how to equalize the weight so that you won’t be able to spot a fake. The only reason why it is dangerous is that it’s super easy to fall for it.

4. Lum dot is off-center
Lum dot is not common for all luxury watches, but some of them like Omega have it. You should know that if the lum dot is a bit off-center, it’s not a sign of fake but a designer’s choice.

Next time you buy luxury watches, don’t allow tricksters to fool you. No matter how informed you are, never let your guard down!