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Ernst Benz & Max Jamali Luxurious Watches at NFT BAZL

The day when the watch industry would go digital has come. On June 2, the world witnessed the launch of the first-ever combined exhibition where artists could sell both physical and digital pieces. Among the variety of items, the collectors paid close attention to the brainchild of Ernst Benz and Max Jamali. The collaboration between the two brought to life two luxurious watches that became some of the main highlights of the show.

Ernst Benz & Max Jamali luxurious watches at NFT BAZL

Ernst Benz is a Swiss watch manufacturer known for the elegance and feasibility of its designs. The company has earned a reputation as a reliable and innovative luxury watch brand, so it is no wonder that it became one of the first to conduct an experiment and try something new. In this regard, Max Jamali became an inalienable intermediary that connected NFT art and physical watch market. The Toronto-based artist not only embellished original watches but also created an NFT version for each timepiece.

A 47mm ChronoScope Contemporary and a 47mm ChronoLunar Officer were the heroes of the show. Max Jamali independently enhanced the timepieces with hand application of diamond dust and paint, making every detail, from the luxury watch strap and dial to packaging, look truly fantastic. Moreover, Ernst Benz luxurious watches were put up for sale together with Jamali’s unique NFT artworks depicting these mechanical masterpieces.

ChronoLunar Officer

Equipped with Automatic Valjiox 7750 movement, the ChronoLunar Officer features a black matte dial with gold gilt applied numerals and cathedral hands. The timepiece is decorated with diamond dust effect pigment and layers of metallic acrylic.

Ernst Benz ChronoLunar Officer Max Jamali

ChronoScope Contemporary

ChronoScope Contemporary is equipped with Automatic Valjiox 7750 movement. Its black dial is distinguished by concentric circles and steel applied markers and propeller hands. The timepiece was also embellished by Max Jamali with diamond dust and metallic acrylic.

Ernst Benz ChronoScope Contemporary Max Jamali

These two luxurious watches are the real catch if you are a collector of exclusive timepieces. Hopefully, we will soon see more beautiful creations by Ernst Benz and Max Jamali!