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A Brief Guide to Choosing a Luxury Watch Strap

A wristwatch is a tiny yet important article of clothing, which adds emphasis to your look and reflects your sparkling personality. Every watch model is a work of art, so people get overly attentive when picking a fancy timepiece. It is also fairly essential to choose the right strap, as it is the most visible part of a watch. But there are different types of straps, and it is not always clear which of them will suit you best. Here is a brief guide to choosing the right luxury watch strap.

A luxury watch strap: types and specifications

There are three main types of materials used for manufacturing the watch straps. These are metal, leather (fabric), and rubber (plastic). Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Metal straps
This is by far the most robust and durable strap type as of today. The combination of different metals makes a watch look shiny and opulent, though the color choice is pretty limited.

Leather watch straps
Leather straps are the most preferred option among beginner watch collectors. Usually, they come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to be more selective when it comes to personal style.

Mesh watch straps
These are the subtype of metal straps. If you choose this luxury watch strap, you will get a stylish and easily adjustable metal piece that looks not as bulky as a watch with a standard metal bracelet.

Rubber watch straps
Thanks to its durability and flexibility, synthetic rubber is often used in luxury sports watches. At the same time, you can find straps for casual wear as well.

Each luxury watch strap has its pros and cons. Now when you know more about straps, you can think it through and make a well-calculated final decision.