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How to Choose and Use Microsoft Volume Licensing for Business?

In case you choose software for a large organization in which dozens (or hundreds) of computers are used, then Microsoft volume licensing is an option. It allows the operation of a single Microsoft software package on numerous computers at a highly discounted price, saving you the time and money and allowing the use of Microsoft OS on as many computers as you need. Simon Mosheshvili, Sr. VP of Latin American Operations at Digital Edge, advises considering the digital rights management system by Microsoft as a viable alternative to wholesale Microsoft OS purchases.

Features Available Through Microsoft Volume Licensing

According to the information from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center, the package of services included in this offer covers:
• Download of the software products and keys to them
• Centralized access to the licensing data
• Review of the spreadsheet data on the licenses
• Verification of the registration agreements’ status
• Software Assurance activation and use

Benefits of Using Microsoft Volume Licensing

The most significant benefit of choosing this option from Microsoft is the flexibility of pricing and purchasing alternatives. The company calculates the quote individually for each new organization considering volume licensing. This way, you can choose among Open License, Open Value, and Open Value Subscription options and negotiate the final quote with a local Microsoft affiliate for your convenience.

Another advantage is the flexibility of payment options and schedules facilitated by Microsoft. Some companies (especially those in the public sector) have certain financial constraints and timelines unique to their sector, so Microsoft representatives from the Financing Desk department are ready to develop a custom payment plan fitting the budgetary nuances of each new client.

Finally, one should keep in mind the diversity of Microsoft products available with the volume licensing plan. Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive solution encompassing dozens of options that each user can tailor to their organizational needs. At present, Enterprise, Business, Education, and Apps suites are available for the Microsoft 365 package, each with its own features and functions, mobility and security options, and pricing plans. Other products available with volume licensing include Windows 10, SQL Server, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure, among others. Thus, with a volume licensing feature, your business can get all the software it requires with significant discounts, guaranteeing uninterrupted work and advanced performance.