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What Makes Cartier Luxury Watches Some of the Best in the World?

When people hear the word Cartier, as a rule, they imagine highly opulent luxury goods. It is hard to find those who have never heard of this world-famous French fashion conglomerate specializing in designing and manufacturing of fine jewelry, perfumes, and luxury watches. The production of wristwatches is a core strength of the company that has gone down in history as one of the most prosperous classical watchmakers. What is Cartier, and how do Cartier luxury watches remain some of the best in the world for so many years?

Cartier luxury watches

The history of the luxury goods empire dates back to 1847 when Louis-Francois Cartier founded Cartier in Paris. The French company is considered to be the first to have pioneered in the production of pilot’s wristwatches, namely a series of high-end timepieces called Santos. Through its vivid and long history, a small Parisian workshop has transformed into the luxury empire that designs some of the most elegant and extravagant watches as of today.

The secret of Cartier watches is pretty simple and yet unachievable for the majority of watchmaking firms. The key point is a meticulous and painstaking combination of luxurious simplicity and magical charm. Watches by Cartier are suitable for any occasion and dress code, which makes them pretty flexible in terms of wearing. The major part of Cartier luxury watches belongs to the so-called “shaped” watches that – as the name speaks for itself – have a different design of the case. As for the price, Cartier comes across as one of the most expensive brands, so you will have to splash out on that, especially when buying diamond watches.

Combined with century-long traditions and innovative techniques, Cartier has managed to create entirely unique products that have no analogs in the world. If you need to emphasize your individuality, Cartier luxury watches would cope with this task with flying colors.