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What Are the Best Luxury Watch Brands for Women?

The current market is replete with brands producing stylish watches for women. It is not easy to choose one, as many of them boast great designs and quality materials. In this blog post, we have picked out the best luxury watch brands to look for if you decide to give a timepiece as a gift to a lady.

Best luxury watch brands for women

1. Chanel
Today, Chanel is one of the major manufacturers of luxury accessories. Founded in 1921, the fashion brand offers a wide range of precious timepieces, most of which feature gold and diamonds. The prices tend to be fairly high. However, you can find Chanel watches for under $3,000 as well.

2. Bvlgari
Bvlgari is an outstanding Italian brand with large collections of luxury watches and jewelry accessories. The quirky style and luxury leather are some of the company’s benefits. The most known collection of the brand is probably the Bvlgari Serpenti, which is inspired by the snake.

3. Jacob & Co.
Founded in 1986, Jacob & Co. is now one of the best luxury watch brands in the world. It is headquartered in New York. The brand manufactures timepieces with a visible dial mechanism and stunning stonework. Jacob & Co. products are very popular among celebrities.

4. Rolex
Rolex watches need no introduction. This Swiss watch brand is perfect for women who adore diamonds and classic designs. Besides, the company offers multiple high-end gender-neutral timepieces.

5. Cartier
Cartier is a premium French watch brand featuring a diverse array of high-quality pieces. The company produces watches in gold and with precious stones in a variety of models.

These were some of the best luxury watch brands for women. You should consider them all if you want to express yourself with a fine timepiece.