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Choosing the Best Colored Gemstone for a Unique Engagement Ring

A veil and a white dress conjure only one image inside people’s heads – the bride. However, jewelry is also important. Moreover, it is the cornerstone of every look. Gems, especially those in an engagement ring, spark the bride with magnificence and elegance. There are many beautiful stones to choose from, but some of them stand out from the crowd. What are they?

The best colored gemstone for a unique engagement ring

Marilyn Monroe called them a girl’s best friend, but the coolest thing about diamonds is that they are the hardest materials, which leaves them no chance to wear out. Even that fact alone makes these gemstones a perfect choice for an engagement ring. Besides, the hues of fancy colored diamonds vary from canary yellow and greenish to purple and classical champagne so that the options are numerous.

Time is not a threat to this blood-red charmer. Being rated 10 according to the Mohs scale, rubies shine immaculately in any piece of luxurious accessories even after years of wear. On the flip side, though, the price of high-quality rubies goes hand in hand with the merits. The finest gem may cost a tidy sum, which often overtops that of the diamonds.

This precious stone from the dear old fairy tales will definitely strike your chords. It is not surprising at all, as the emerald with its saturated intense tone of deep green is pure magic. Furthermore, the stone of abundant love is widely regarded as a perfect option for high-end jewelry. Fancy of having it in an engagement ring? Watch out, as it can be pretty magnetic!

Sapphire is renowned for its royal admirers Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. Its heavens-like mesmerizing color of blue won the hearts of monarchies a long time ago. On top of that, just like the above-mentioned diamonds, these gems are known for resistance to scratches, although the price for sapphires is way more reasonable. The actual crème de la crème!

Such a plethora of choices is giddy-causing. On the good side, though, every whim can be indulged!