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5 Beginner Tips for Buying Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry holds great sentimental value and is often passed along to future generations. There are lots of reasons why people are obsessed with these vintage pieces. If you have decided to buy one to start a collection, you should learn these 5 beginner tips to know what to look for.

5 beginner tips for buying antique jewelry

1. What about the condition?
Before buying any antique piece, thoroughly examine it to reveal potential scuffs, chips, or nicks. Look at the front to check the setting edges and claws and at the back of the item to understand if any repairs have taken place. You should also ask for the condition report from a specialist.

2. Does it have any marks?
Hallmarks or assay marks can help you figure out the country of manufacture and the date the item was created. These marks and signatures that are usually found on the back of the antique jewelry can give you the piece’s complete story.

3. Is it authentic or a copy?
There are certain signs of a non-original jewelry piece. A thorough inspection by a specialist can reveal the modern cut stones, lack of wear, and poor polishing, which are proofs of a copy, not an antique piece.

4. Is it trendy now?
Scroll social media posts and antique jewelry websites to see what items are currently in demand, what jewelry brands are popular around the world, and how jewelry is worn both by celebrities and ordinary people.

5. What about its cost?
Vintage pieces do not cost a couple of pounds. Make sure you come across an authentic antique piece and be ready to pay a higher price for such valuables.

Quick tip: always buy from a reliable seller and consult a specialist.

Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you find the perfect vintage jewelry for your future collection. Listen to your heart and buy jewelry you actually like!