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6 Iconic Watch Bracelet Types You Should Know

Although few people pay enough attention to their watch bracelet, it is often something that defines the character and style of the owner. If you want to experiment, no need to buy a new timepiece. Instead, you can simply change the strap. Fortunately, they come in various designs, and you can easily find the one that will meet your needs. Here are the 6 main watch bracelet types you should know about.

6 iconic watch bracelet types you should know

1. The Oyster
This type of watch bracelets was patented by Rolex in 1947. The Oyster is a plain clasp design with three links. These straps can match a casual or formal look. Moreover, thanks to a convenient clasp, you can play sports without taking off your timepiece.

2. The Bonklip
The Bonklip is among the first watch bracelet types made of stainless steel. It is easy to adjust and has a unique design. You can find vintage and refreshed watch strap options for your luxury timepiece.

3. The Milanese
This watch bracelet type was first released in Milan in the 19th century. Later, its design and proportions were improved in Germany. The strap is manufactured with mesh steel and has a robust look.

4. The President
This watch bracelet is often produced from prestigious metals and, therefore, looks exquisite and luxurious. It consists of three semi-circular links and a bar in the middle. It also has a folding clasp, which makes it super handy.

5. The Jubilee
The Jubilee bracelet usually comes in steel and two-tone designs. With a large number of rounded links, it shimmers beautifully in the light and appears sleek. This strap works perfectly for a luxury watch.

6. The Beads of Rice
This watch strap looks like rice grains. It is very exquisite and goes well with vintage timepieces.

These were 6 iconic watch bracelet types you should know about. Consider these designs to refresh your wristwatch!