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5 Wedding Ring Trends You Will See in 2022

Fashion and jewelry trends are subject to ongoing change, but sometimes, they can guide your final decision when it comes to purchasing an important piece. Choosing a wedding ring is a big deal, so here are 5 wedding ring trends you will likely see in 2022. Check them out!

5 wedding ring trends you will see in 2022

1. Vintage design
Vintage jewelry is going to be in high demand next year. Pre-owned and customized rings add a touch of nostalgia and would be a great pick for your wedding day. It should be noted, the vintage rush is now strongly supported by historical TV shows like The Bridgerton, which set the trends in both jewelry and fashion.

2. Band style rings
Many people prefer purchasing a piece that will serve as both a wedding ring and an engagement ring. For this reason, a band-style ring is among the hottest wedding ring trends for 2022. You can find stunning and custom-made band rings that come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

3. Eye-catching gemstones
Wedding rings can be extraordinary and vibrant. A great alternative to diamonds is colorful gemstones and atypical metals. Stones can come in any size, shape, and quantity. This tendency appeared to be popular this year, and it is not expected to fade away in 2022.

4. Updated solitaire
Solitaire wedding rings are a perfect option for those who prefer a sophisticated ring with an attractive edge. Crafted in a consistent design all along the circle, they are a symbol of eternal and sincere love.

5. Rose gold rings
Charming rose gold rings are back in fashion. An exquisite rose shade feels vintage and modern at once. This wedding ring style will return in 2022 as one of the most striking ones.

It was our list of 5 wedding ring trends to look out for in 2022. If you and your partner decide to strengthen your love with the marriage ties next year, be sure to consider these trendy ring ideas.