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5 Ways to Kill Your Mechanical Watch (and How to Avoid Them)

Even though today’s watch manufacturers do everything possible to make their timepieces as solid and robust as possible, there are plenty of ways how you can kill your watch. Even in everyday life, risk factors are everywhere, from your bedroom to a street. That is why every luxury mechanical watch owner should know what dangers are awaiting their valuables and how to avoid them.

5 ways to kill your mechanical watch (and how to avoid them)

1. Winding a watch on a wrist
Winding a watch without taking it off does more harm than good. Though it seems pretty convenient, you can pull the crown out due to pressure. Always remove a watch before winding it!

2. Taking water tests

Many watch enthusiasts have a longing to put their watches to the test. A water test is the most common one. Even if your luxury mechanical watch is water-resistant, it is a bad idea to push buttons underwater.

3. Magnetic exposure
This one is not obvious. Every wristwatch is exposed to magnetic fields, making a timepiece running faster and hence damaging the movement. Try to avoid radios, phones, or other electronic devices when putting your watch off.

4. Not winding it from time to time
Winding watches from time to time is a must if you want to preserve their integrity. When you leave them alone for a long period, some components might well lose their lubrication. You can buy luxury watch winders to tackle an issue.

5. Wearing watches all day long

Well, if you have only one mechanical watch, then it is okay. Bear in mind that the more you wear watches, the more often they are exposed to all sorts of risks. Just do not forget to give them rest.

These, at first glance, trivial risks can harshly damage your wristwatches and even kill them completely. Since watch repair and restoration services are quite costly, it is always better to know how to take care of your luxury watches and do not let them break in the long run.