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5 Vintage Watches You Should Start Collecting in 2020

Only a few months are left till the end of fairly puzzling 2020, and almost everyone is holding their breath waiting for “surprises” the next year will bring us in terms of new watches, auctions, and international fairs. If you still feel like you have something unaccomplished left, here is an idea! Maybe you should start collecting some antique clocks and timepieces before you can call it a year because we want to tell you about five vintage watches that every passionate fan should start collecting in 2020.

5 vintage watches you should start collecting in 2020

5. Panerai
Vintage Panerai watches remain some of the rarest vintage timepieces as of today. A luxury Italian watch manufacturer is known for its highly limited editions in bundles of 500, 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 units.

4. Tissot Visodate
Tissot has never pretended to be the maker of “luxury” watches. Still, this world-know Swiss brand has a good eye for quality large-bezeled automatic dive watches made between the 1960s and 1970s. 

3. Omega Seamaster
When Omega Seamaster was first introduced to the world in 1948, it looked like a wristwatch of the future. Unidirectional bezel, helium release valve, and decent water resistance make these now vintage watches a good pick for collectors.

2. Grand Seiko Hi Beat
A legend of Japanese watchmaking, Taro Tanaka, created more than just watches when designing the Grand Seiko Hi Beat. Meticulously polished surfaces and flatly shaped crystals are the distinguishing features that let Seiko stand out from the rest.

1. Tudor Submariner
Finally, you should consider Tudor Submariner, a so-called clone of Rolex Submariner. Though these two models are quite similar, Tudor does have its unique aesthetics and idiosyncratic appeal. No doubt, these vintage watches will be sharing the first place with Rolex in the watch museums of the future.

All that remains is to find what suits your collection best. Make sure you select the most contributing timepieces so that you feel peace when the year will come to an end.