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5 Under-the-Radar Watch Brands You Should Consider

It is a well-known fact that a watch market is ruled by the biggest and most prominent brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Seiko, Cartier, and others. Truth be told, though these watch manufacturers provide the unmatched quality of their luxury accessories, they are so massive and omnipresent that they simply overshadow some smaller and lesser-known watch brands that deserve mentioning, to say the least. Today, you will learn about five high-quality companies that have always been under the radar but are still worth the investment.

5 under-the-radar watch brands you should consider

Triwa is a Stockholm-based creative studio that has been passionately creating commercially viable watches since 2007. Focused on traditions, the company is known for experimenting with their models, trying to merge classical styles and Scandinavian authentic simplicity.

Skagen is one of the foremost Danish jewelry and watch brands that have greatly contributed to the development of the fine fashion world in Denmark. Though the company's main priority is luxury mechanical watches, Skagen also has a fantastic collection of smartwatches for men & women.

Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen is a brand with a century-long history. Initially known for its remarkable home décor collection, it later started producing watches. Combining high-end technologies with Art Nouveau, Georg Jensen has managed to create hyper-aesthetic timepieces that you should consider buying.

Let’s leave Scandinavia for a moment and move to London, where another prolific company Objest makes premium-class timepieces. The team of master Swiss manufacturers is doing their best to come up with a unique and simple yet elegant and timeless design.

This Los Angeles-based watch company was founded in 2013 and managed to sell over 1 million watches by September 2018. Impressive, right? People like MVMT watches for their fuss-free design and reasonable prices.

Despite being less popular than other industry-leading giants, these luxury watch brands can still surprise you with the superior quality and affordability of their timepieces.