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5 Best Luxury Dive Watches in 2021

Though COVID-19 is still in the air, the resorts emerge step-by-step from the lockdown and start accepting travelers from abroad. The choice is still limited, but people at least now have an opportunity to recall what it feels like to be on a luxury vacation. And, of course, a vacation is not a vacation without diving. Today, we want to bring up the topic of luxury dive watches and their relevance in 2021. What watch models are best suited for both beginners and professionals? Let’s find out!

5 best luxury dive watches in 2021

5. Omega Seamaster (300 m)
The legendary Seamaster series by the Swiss luxury watchmaking company Omega is often compared to the Rolex Submariner. However, the former does look more elegant and slimmer than its forerunner.

4. TAG Heuer Aquaracer (300 m)
This luxury watch is designed to be worn by professional divers. Quartz movement, sapphire glass, and superior practicality make the TAG Heuer Auqaracer one of the best in class.

3. Delma Periscope (500 m)
Stakes get higher, and the Delma Periscope takes the lead. Despite its prodigious characteristics, this stainless steel wristwatch has an incredible design.

2. Zelos Abyss 3 (3,000 m)
The name speaks for itself: you can dive into the abyss with this watch. A durable 43 mm case in ensemble with sapphire crystal performs miracles. Such an impressive depth rating is one more proof that small manufacturers can easily hold a candle to much bigger luxury watch brands.

1. Delma Blue Shark III (4,000 m)
This king of luxury dive watches is for real enthusiasts. Though its performance is not record-breaking, it would be an ideal alternative to the Rolex Deepsea. The Delma Blue Shark III is super effective and has a comparatively appealing design.

It is always a matter of personal preference of what timepieces you choose. However, this list of luxury dive watches may end up being very helpful, as you already have the best examples in front of you.