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4 Fun Facts About Luxury Wristwatches You Didn’t Know

A wristwatch has long become an indispensable accessory for every man and woman. Over the years, the watch industry has grown from a narrow market into one of the most prosperous luxury industries in the world. And yet, only a few watch owners know the real history and specific design peculiarities of their precious belongings. If you want to find out more about luxury wristwatches, below you will find the list of four fun facts that will make your watch-wearing experience even more valuable and special.

4 fun facts about luxury wristwatches you didn’t know

1. Watches were originally meant for women
While men of the past preferred a pocket watch, women opted for wristwatches. The latter started to gain popularity with the male part of humankind later in history. Approximately, it was around the beginning of the First World War.

2. Rolex was founded in England
Rolex, arguably the most prominent luxury watch brand and manufacturer, was not, in fact, a Swiss company in the first place. Originally, it was established in London, England. It took seventeen years for the company to register the brand name in Geneva, Switzerland.

3. Digital watches are older than you think
For many people, digital watches are something incomprehensible and difficult. In reality, electronic timepieces were invented long ago, in 1972. Only with the passage of time, they added the word “smart” to make luxury wristwatches look and sound more significant.

4. The most expensive watch isn’t Rolex
Rolex is known for its unique tendency to break the world’s record. However, when it comes to auction sales, it is Patek Philippe that sold its Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 for a record-breaking $31.19 million.

How do you like these four facts about luxury wristwatches? As you see, the watch industry is much more complicated than it seems. Not only is your individual watch an exclusive fine accessory, but it is also a thing with a rich historical past.