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Authentic Watches: The Only Ones Worth Buying

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We're 100% Authentic—From Our People To Our Beliefs To Our Extraordinary Watches

What's a watch worth if it's not authentic? To us, here at 300watches, that's not even worth figuring out. We only deal in authentic watches. This includes all merchandise sold on 300watches.com, all merchandise sold in our eBay store, and any merchandise you might physically pickup from our new showroom. If it's not the real deal, it's not a deal you'll find at 300watches. 

We're well aware that most companies out there in the virtual marketplace or roadside in any city will claim to sell authentic watches. What does that mean though? What steps and procedures are being used to ensure that only 100% authentic watches are being sold? Sure, if it's a watch coming straight from the manufacturer, chances are it's authentic, but what about the other dealers in town? Are they really doing all they can to ensure you're getting a 100% authentic watch? We have no idea. We can only assure you that we are.

300watches Is Not An Authorized Dealer 

300watches is not an authorized dealer and we're not related in any way to the authorized dealers or manufacturers. We're a reseller. This means we're not bound by the restrictions that Rolex or Cartier or Chopard might put on their dealers, and we're not biased. We have no favorites and we have no stock in any of these companies, so we can seriously do the due diligence needed, scour the market for the best authentic watches at the most affordable prices, and then pass those unbelievable deals onto you. 

And we assure you that every watch sold at 300watches is 100% authentic. Let's break that statement down a little bit. We, having many years experience in the luxury watch business, can say with confidence that buying a replica or fake watch is simply not worth it. The movements historically do not last as long, the materials tend to wear faster, and the care put into making them is usually sub-par. And with all those problems, returns and angry phone calls are sure to follow. We point blank just don't want to deal with that kind of selling environment. Plus, it's just not good business. It's just not the way we want to treat our club members and friends. 

To be clear, a replica watch is one that was modeled after a popular well-known watch and is not made by the advertised manufacturer. To put it in simpler terms, it's a knock-off, or a fake. 

So What Is Aftermarket?

300watches does sell watches that may have had some aftermarket adjustments made. When this is the case, we make sure to mention it. It's important for you, as a valued club member and friend, to understand what aftermarket means. A watch with aftermarket parts can still be authentic, as long as the added parts do not conflict with the integrity of the timepiece. For instance if a strap is replaced or diamonds are added to the case by a professional watchmaker, the watch does not lose its integrity because the movement was not affected and the main features were not touched.

Diamond Watches and Gold Watches have always come into question when discussing the differences between a watch being authentic, aftermarket, or a replica. The fact of the matter is that original is different from aftermarket, which is different from a replica. Understanding each, and what sets it apart from the others, can help you make a wise decision when purchasing a timepiece. One thing that is important to understand is that the term "gold plated" doesn't mean replica. Many original watches are created with gold plating covering a base metal. 

That said, aftermarket parts can still change the asking price of a watch. If diamonds were added to a watch, then it will obviously not be worth as much as a watch of the same brand with original diamonds. However it can have a higher asking price as compared to a watch of the same brand without diamonds. Furthermore, gold plated metal is a material often used in replica watches, but its use is not a clear indication that a watch is fake. Basically, the authenticity depends on a variety of factors. One of them is the presence of model and reference number that is consistent with the companies’ records.

This makes the luxury watch market a very complicated place for potential watch buyers. That is why we have a detailed process that helps to ensure we only sell authentic watches and we give a detailed description of all the watch specifics. If any minor modifications are made, we will indicate it in the description.

Our Process

It all begins with our buying process. The majority of our watches come from professionals who have been in the luxury watch community for a significant amount of time. We have been trading with these partners for over 10 years and we can assure you they have proven their commitment to maintaining a clean record of only handling authentic watches. As part of the process, prior to trading with us, they guarantee us the authenticity of their watches. We maintain receipts and invoices, all necessary documentation, that further declare and support this important detail.

When we do have a watch given to us in trade, have a client sell us a watch, or when we acquire a watch from a place like King Watch Buyers, we send the watch to our watch professional to make sure the watch is authentic. Whether we have to determine if diamonds on a watch are real, or whether the watch is solid gold or gold plated, the professionals at our service center will carefully inspect every aspect of the watch. This may involve putting diamond watches under a microscope, placing gold watches on a scale, or opening a watch to check the movement. Luckily for us, this also helps us to ensure the watch's quality, so we can write every known detail possible into the authentic watch's detailed description.

Even when a watch comes with its original box and papers, these details need to be checked thoroughly, because each company has its own unique way of indicating the watch's authenticity. Some manufacturers, like Romain Jerome, are using an innovative method to display the information: The information is contained in a USB flash drive. Companies like Perrelet and Breitling use their own unique forms to tell their story and declare authenticity of a watch.

As we receive watches, we will take pictures of not only the watch, but also the paperwork that came with each individual timepiece. We also annotate all pertinent information when listing the description in our forms. If photos are not included with the watch description, or you happen to see a photo where certain information is blacked out, this is done on purpose to protect the previous owner's privacy.

Please keep in mind that even though we sell only authentic watches, we are not an authorized dealer for the watches that are advertised on our site or on eBay. This means that the watches we advertise are kept at a low price by not being stamped with the manufacturing company's seal on the warranty papers. By not being an authorized dealer, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible, which is often lower than any of our competitors. This allows our clients to buy diamond watches, gold watches, and a variety of other luxury watches, at a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere. 

Although it is rare and highly unlikely, if a customer ever receives an item from 300watches that somehow proves to be unauthentic, then the customer will be issued their money back plus any costs for shipping and insurance. We do ask our customers who claim that merchandise is not authentic to provide a letter stating the watch is not authentic from an accredited company that deals with similar watches or from an authorized dealer.