We offer extended warranty even way beyond the manufacturer's. Click here for more info.

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300watches Warranties

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discount Luxury Watches Warranty With a meticulous and time-tested authentication process, we stand behind the condition and overall quality of every single timepiece sold on all of our platforms.

But watches are complicated devices with many moving parts, and we want you to be covered in the off chance that something goes wrong inside your piece. With that in mind, we offer our very own in-house warranty, as well as the optional extended warranty.

Since we are not authorized dealers, none of our watches come with the manufacturers’ original warranties, nor do we have the resources to provide comparable warranties.

What does the 300watches warranty cover?

Our warranty covers repairs to the movement only.

It does not cover other maintenance, overhauls, battery replacement, water damage, or external repairs on watch cases, crystals, bracelets, straps, buckles, etc.

Note that we will use the discretion of our watch service centers to determine the cause of the malfunction, and whether or not the repair should be covered under our warranty.

How long does this standard warranty last?

That depends on whether you’ve purchased an unworn or pre-owned watch. Unworn watches come with a 1-year standard warranty. Pre-owned watches come with a 90-day warranty.

And what about the extended warranty?

By adding 8% to the total cost of your watch, you can purchase our extended warranty, which stretches the warranty to 2 years for unworn watches, and 1 year for pre-owned watches.

What if I need repair services after my warranty expires? And what about repairs that aren’t covered by the warranty?

Whether you are covered by the warranty or not, we are happy to help you get your watch repaired! Just know that we will have to assess the cost of the repair on a case-by-case basis, and we will add a $45 service charge to cover costs associated with moving the watch to and from our service centers, and housing the watch.

In any case, shipping costs associated with warranty coverage are your responsibility.