The so-called vintage or retro fine watches are not only the main exhibits in absolutely every collection, but also valuable objects for investment, and surely small pieces of the Haute Horlogerie history. Moreover, a properly chosen timepiece characterizes the owner as the true collector of unique high-end watches and gives him a kind of a pass to the beautiful world of fine watchmaking. However, buying used watches, especially vintage ones, is a responsible task that additionally can be rather expensive. In this way, 300watches offers to choose your vintage luxury watch by using the simple system of selection. What’s more, our prices are always very attractive! But the most important thing is that all the items presented on our website are 100% authentic, so you can be sure that you will never get a cheap imitation.

If you have decided to collect vintage designer watches, start with a certain category, like pendant or pocket watches, chronographs, classic retro models, mechanical wrist watches with a variety of complications, etc. Each of the above types has its own specific features that should be considered when buying or choosing a perfect addition to your collection. Thus, the search for vintage fine watches is a fascinating and unusual process. It means that every true collector has his favorite category of timepieces, which usually originate from a certain luxury watch that is highly valuable for the owner, so to speak, his own personal “Holy Grail”. For example, it can be a timepiece devoted to a specific event or historical figures, like Omega Speedmaster issued in 1969, or a vintage luxury watch created in the same year, when the collector was born. In any case, regardless of the collector’s motives and the history of his “special” watch, the process of buying used vintage watches is very exciting. Furthermore, if the search is completed with a positive result, then pleasure from such a purchase will be incredible!

Since the search for vintage timepieces is a matter of personal preference, it is quite difficult to name specific fine watches that should be presented in every collection of any connoisseur of Haute Horlogerie. However, there are still some models that are highly prized by collectors around the world, for example, Speedmaster pre-moon timepieces created before 1969. These outstanding vintage high-end watches are distinguished by the exceptional mechanism that differs from those released after Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon. In addition, there is also a well-known Rolex Submariner James Bond model that is the earliest timepiece worn by Sean Connery in the very first films about the superspy. And finally, there is a large number of Patek Philippe vintage designer watches that are according to the well-established tradition occupy the leading positions at the best auctions all over the world. Look through our catalogue and you will definitely find your unique, vintage luxury watch that can become a real gem of your personal collection! Anyway, it is up to you what model to choose!

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