For today, many people around the world buy high-end luxury watches just thanks to the brand’s name mentioned on the dial, strap, or movement. They don’t require any additional research and don’t want to fill their heads with unnecessary information when investing money in a Swiss watch. They simply believe that the best quality can be found only in timepieces produced in Switzerland. Luxury watch brands have deserved such trust through their laborious and creative work that never stops. Things have reached the point that a Swiss watch is considered to be a sign of class and style. Needless to say that there are a lot of worthy watchmaking companies based in Switzerland today. However, let’s list the most popular among them separately.

Of course, the most famous brand of all time is Rolex. Its luxury watches for men and women are known as high-quality timepieces that additionally serve as a status symbol. As a result, the cost of such designer watches is caused by the considerable interest among collectors. However, Rolex is famous not only for its dress watches but also for timepieces suitable for outdoor activities. Indeed, many of branded models are specifically designed for yachtsmen, divers, and professional pilots.

Omega luxury watches

Omega is another one famous Swiss luxury watch company that stands next to Rolex. The quality of its timepieces is confirmed by NASA and Speedmaster’s official qualification for the Apollo program. Thus, Omega has become the first Swiss watch worn on the Moon. Furthermore, these branded timepieces often appear in the James Bond movies.

Breitling luxury watches

The next inimitable luxury watch brand in our list is Breitling. Founded in 1884, it is famous for its certified chronographs that were originally intended for pilots. The military version even featured a special transmitter to determine the location of the soldier. Nonetheless, now they are preferred by those who like to wear functional designer watches. Most of the Breitling models are equipped with self-winding mechanical movements, navigation computers, moon phase indicators, GMT, and many other useful complications.

Rado luxury watches
It is impossible not to mention Rado that exists since 1857. However, the production of branded high-end watches was started in the small town of Lengnau by three brothers only in 1917. For today, creating high-quality timepieces, the company uses both precious and semi-precious materials. In this way, the prices for Rado designer watches are rather moderate so that everyone can find something according to his liking.

Patek Philippe luxury watches

And finally, our list is completed by Patek Philippe, one of the oldest luxury watch brands in Switzerland. This company had been involved in the watchmaking business since 1839, a year when a businessman, Antoni Norbert Patek, and a watchmaker, Franciszek Czapek, started to produce pocket watches. The French watchmaker Adrien Philippe joined the company in 1845. Eventually, Patek Philippe confirmed its place in the world of Haute Horlogerie by the unique pocket luxury watch with 30 complications created for the 150th anniversary of the company. It was the most complicated watch by that year. Today, the brand takes into account everything: accuracy, elegance, and the use of precious materials in production. Thereby, it’s not surprising that its creations are preferred by the richest and most influential people of the modern world.

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