Do you know the best way for self-expression? Certainly, there can be a variety of options, however, the most impressive one is a professional tattoo. Millions of people throughout the world have already transformed their bodies into real canvases and decorated themselves with amazing tattoos that tell the stories of their lives. In this way, everyone striving for uniqueness can always put a tattoo on the body, but the question is whether you can take it off? 300watches is happy to inform that now you can do that with ease thanks to INKWELL – the first luxury watch brand inspired by tattoo art. The fact is that all INKWELL designer watches are not just high-quality timepieces – they are tattoos that you can wear anytime, anywhere, and whenever you want!

Established in 2014 by a professional tattoo artist George Roberts and his team of like-minded persons, this company has managed to unite such different things as high-end watches and tattoos. After lots of time spent on 3D-printed prototypes, tryouts, case modeling, and approval of the final product, INKWELL has finally found the best way to transfer real tattoo onto the luxury watch strap with all of its physical properties, natural colors, and tangible outlines. These stunning hand-made straps have become a signature detail of the recently introduced brand new watches that perfectly underlines exclusively designed dials with a tattoo needle-shaped seconds hand and 43mm old style cases equipped with modern Swiss movements, Ronda 763. So let’s look at these coolest new watches designed by INKWELL!


The Swallow
The Swallow is a beautiful ladies watch presented in a classic matt stainless steel case with a mirrored dial. Its brutal yet sophisticated and elegant design is perfectly highlighted by the snow-white calfskin strap decorated with traditional feminine tattoos. This model of stylish watches for women is created for those who are not afraid to turn their wrists into real canvases adorned with colorful beauty of classic tattoo craftsmanship.

The Vor
The Vor that means “felon” in Russian is inspired by the distinctive aesthetics of criminal tattoo born in the mid-19th century. These bold men’s luxury watches have black PVD-coated stainless steel cases with an embossed dial image depicting a crowned skull placed on the oak leaves that represents a symbol of power used by the most influential leaders of the Russian criminal world. In fact, this INKWELL luxury watch model is decorated with lots of Russian criminal tattoo symbols including key and rose, rising sun, eight-pointed star and eagle, cathedral with its domes, and others. However, despite such a background, these eye-catching designer watches have their own romantic charm complemented by excellent workmanship and high-quality materials.


The Knot
The Knot model inspired by the history of tattoo art is inextricably linked to sailors who started to decorate their bodies with images of past adventures in the first half of the 20th century. Thus, these cool watches for men are represented by vintage style timepieces with golden PVD-coated stainless steel cases and engraved enamel dials. The coloring work and overall design of this model are an embodiment of the infinite adventure full of romance and danger. This is clearly seen on the signature INKWELL straps adorned with some of the most popular sailor tattoos.

All of these new branded watches designed by talented tattoo artists are united by absolutely exceptional calfskin straps created with the use of unique print technology taken from actual tattoos. That is exactly what makes them so fantastic!

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